Linux: How to Install New Windows Manager

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what are the steps i need to do to switch a windows manager in linux?

let's say i wanna try Xmonad. I can apt-get install xmonad. But what's next?

• how do i start the new wm? (do i need to quit the existing? (i know ps kill pid and all that. But is there a better way?))

• how do i set my config so when linux starts, it starts the new wm? (i really don't want end up with a fucked up startup)

i know unix command line stuff well, but don't have any experience with linux GUI technology. what i need is a general experience/guide of switching wm. (and i hope it's not just spent few hours to dig in each's doc with raw sys admin skills. if this is how it is, please let me know too, i'll probably just stay with whatever default wm.)


in Fedora you yum install xmonad-gnome and then just log out and log in again. And in the login panel, there's a menu that lets you chose the Window Manager you installed.

thanks to Jeff Weiss

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