many emacs related updates, 2012-04-04

many emacs related updates

updated: Ask ErgoEmacs.

updated: Problem of Calling Unix grep in Emacs

updated (new page): Inconsistency of Emacs Text-Searching Features

updated (new page): Emacs Lisp: Change Case by Title Convention

when quitting emacs save-buffers-kill-terminalCtrl+x Ctrl+c】, emacs will ask to save unsaved buffer, but doesn't switch it to front to let you see.

Is there a hook or variable to make it so?

Note: save-buffers-kill-terminal eventually calls save-some-buffers. According to its inline doc, it says you can press 【Ctrl+r】 to view the buffers in question. (this doesn't work in ErgoEmacs for some reason, i'll have to look into) In anycase, i want automatic switch.

Ctrl+h s】 calls “describe-syntax”. nice.

other keys i learned in past months and use heavily are:

  • Ctrl+x Ctrl+j】 (dired-jump). Switch to dired and put cursor on current file.
  • Ctrl+x Ctrl+q】 (toggle-read-only). I use it only in dired, which actually calls dired-toggle-read-onlywdired-change-to-wdired-mode. Lets you change file names by edit.

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