Set Bash Shell Prompt to Color

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Here's a neat setup for your bash shell. Put the following in your Bash init file 〔~/.bash_profile〕:

export PS1="\e[0;32m◆\u@\H \e[0;33m\D{%Y-%m-%d} \e[0;32m\t \e[0;37m\w\n";

The \e[0;32m in the beginning set the color green. The \e[0;37m near the end sets color back to black. (See: ANSI escape code.)

It'll make your prompt color green and display login name, date, and time, like this:

◆xah@xah-PC 2012-04-17 01:49:16 ~/.emacs.d/

Date and time is useful because when you log your shell output.


For coloring bash prompt running inside emacs, put the following in your emacs init file.

(setenv "PS1" "\\e[0;32m◆\\u@\\H \\D{%Y-%m-%d} \\t\\e[0;30m\\w\\n")

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