Xah's Job Interview Questions for Young Linux Sys Admins

Perm URL with updates: http://xahlee.org/linux/job_interview_questions_for_unix_sys_admins.html

• what's the diff between {.profile .bashrc .bash_profile .login}?

• how to find the creation date of a file?

• top shows load average n1 n2 n3. What are those numbers mean exactly?

• how to eject a CD by command line?

• what's the difference between ps aux, ps -aux, ps -ef?

• what chars are not allowed in unix file name?

• how to set sticky bit for a file?

• how to create a hard link? how it differs from soft link?

• how to list all the signals the system supports?

• what does 【Ctrl+c】 do in a terminal? how do you find out arbitrary control sequence do?

• how to show the number of inode you have?

• what's the difference between useradd and adduser?

• what's the difference between character special file and block special file?

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