feature differences of Keyboard macro/driver tools

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Different tools have different features and purposes. Here's a list of possible features. Most tools can do only SOME of the following:

  • Swap, disable, or reassign modifier keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, Caps Lock, Win keys.
  • Define key to launch a file (launch app, run script, or just open file).
  • Define key to insert text, such as your today's date, your address, or your signature.
  • Define keys to insert math symbols or unicode symbols. e.g. © ° § α β
  • Define key to act as if pressing other key, key combo, key sequence. (e.g. press F8 for 【Alt+Tab】)
  • Define actions for special keyboard keys, such as those multimedia keys, volumn control, sleep, app keys.
  • Define combination keys, such as 【Ctrl+a】.
  • Define sequential keys, such as 【Alt+Space a】.
  • Macros. Record & play back a sequence of key strokes or mouse events.

For Mac, see: Mac OS X Keyboard Layout, Keymapping, Keybinding, Tools.

For emacs, see: Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts.

Windows Keyboard Layout & Key Macro tools for Windows

for Linux fans: you screwed. LOL

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