Gaming Keyboards: Corsair K60, K90

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Corsair Vengeance K60, ≈$95

Corsair K60 keyboard
Corsair K60 keyboard, with extra colored and specially sculpted key-caps on (these extra caps come with the keyboard). amazon
Corsair K60 keyboard 2
Source amazon


This keyboard is heavy. It doesn't have fancy features or extra keys, but the most important aspect of keyboard, the key mechanism, is top-notch here.

The key switch mechanism is Cherry™ MX Red. (linear feel, no click, light) (See: Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms.)

The keyboard is also of the highest quality. The keyboard's chassis is actually brush aluminum. Real metal. The keyboard's cable is nothing you've ever seen. It's very thick, wrapped with some type of cloth-like material, kinda like high-class electric cable you find in antic stores.

Corsair keyboard cable
Corsair keyboard cable.

It seems to require 2 USB ports (i suppose the reason is because of the 20 Key Roll-over over USB.). However, the keyboard also has a USB port (pass-thru, not hub).

Note: A normal keyboard (such as Microsoft & Logitech Normal Keyboards) has problem registering certain combination of 3 or more keys held down simultaneously. Majority of USB-based gaming keyboard, has special circuitry so that they can register 6 keys simultaneously. But 6 is the typical maximum, due to USB design. Here, they took care of this issue, and allows 20 key key-rollover over USB. That's probably why they require 2 USB connections. (See: Keyboard Ghosting; How Many Keys Your Keyboard Can Take?.)

Corsair K60 keyboard back
The back of the keyboard, showing the USB port, and the Windows Lock key (it prevents the Win key from activation.).
  • Cherry MX Red Mechanical key switches. (light, linear, feel. No click)
  • 20 Key Roll-over (20KRO) on USB
  • 6 multimedia keys — Stop, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Mute, Volume Up/Down — with Solid metal, weighted volume “drum roller”
  • 2m non-tangle cable
Corsair K60 keyboard sound level drum roller
Multimedia keys and the “drum roller” for sound level control. Gorgeous. Source

Love the volume control drum roller.

Note: special keys rubber dome switch: F1 through F12, Esc, PrtScn, Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, Insert, Home, Page Up Page Down, Delete, End.

Corsair Vengeance K90, ≈$110

A more expensive model is the K90.

Corsair K90 keyboard us lit top Corsair K90 keyboard us lit Corsair k90 keyboard
Corsair K90 keyboard, showing its extra function keys. amazon

What's the K90 got that's not in K60?

  • 18 extra function keys (G keys).
  • 36kb on-board memory.
  • Backlit.
  • Laser-etched, backlit keys with four illumination levels (off, 66%, 75%, and full illumination) selectable from the keyboard

K90 requires software, for those extra function keys. The K60 doesn't.

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