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This page is a gallery and review of gaming keyboards for programers. For example, for use with any complex software that has hundreds of functions, such as Second Life, Emacs, 3D Modeling Software, or PhotoShop or video editing, sound editing.

If you play games a lot, great, but if you don't play games, the key macros feature would be fantastic, specially for programers.

Advantage of Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard are the king of keyboards, and also the bleeding-edge of keyboard technology for practical use. They include these primary features:

  • They comes with 6 or 12+ extra function keys, and real keys (not some wimpy app-launch rubbery buttons. e.g. Microsoft bad function keys, Kinesis rubber function keys.).
  • Almost always, the standard function keys {F1, …, F12} are real keys, and arranged in groups of 3 blocks. (this makes them easy to hit correctly without visual contact.)
  • Un-altered and complete set of modifier keys (e.g. Ctrl, Alt, Win, Menu), on both sides. (as opposed to omitting some of them or replacing them with the hardwired Fn key or Flip3D key)
  • Gaming keyboard comes with the most robust and easy-to-program key macro software.
  • Most gaming keyboard provide on-board memory. This means, you can plug-in your keyboard to any computer, and all your key macros will be there, without needing to re-configure them.

Why you need all those function keys? Just take a look at these:

Disadvantage of Gaming Keyboard

The only think i can think of, is that nobody makes a ergonomic or split gaming keyboard. This means, if you have RSI and must have a split keyboard, then you can't use gaming keyboard. Otherwise, gaming keyboard are fantastic choice, far better than any other.

Logitech G19, ≈$157

logitech g19 keyboard
1444×930 1468×790 amazon img src

for more, see:

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