Great Apps on Windows

here's my apps on Windows machine.

xah apps on windows 2012-05-08
xah apps on windows 2012-05-08

This isn't exhaustive list of install software. Though, it contains all apps i use daily.

  • Daily: emacs, cygwin, Google Chrome, Firefox, IrfanView, Safari, Opera, Skype.
  • Weekly: GIMP, iTune, Mathematica, VirtualBox, Firestorm/Phoenix (Second Life), Inkscape, Google Earth, Picasa, Thunderbird

Just noticed a Walmart Photo Center there. lol. That's one of those bundled bloat-ware which somehow escaped my notice. Going to trash now. Also, note that ComboFix.exe. It is supposed to be a rootkit remover, but i haven't research enough to be sure it's safe to run. It is there temporarily.