Keyboard Geeking 2012-05-30

I went to local store and tried a bunch of keyboard again for like a hour. Made several discoveries.

• Discovered that Steelseries 6Gv2 keyboard amazon uses Cherry™ Black MX mechanical key switch.

• Cherry™ Black MX mechanical key switch. Don't like it at all. Too stiff. (See: Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms.)

• Discovered Corsair K60 Keyboard. FANTASTIC! Cherry MX Red switch. Full analysis here: Gaming Keyboards: Corsair K60, K90.

• Discovered that Logitch {G110, G510, G19} gaming keyboard are shit. That is, the key mechanism is SHIT. They are rubber dome, of course, i knew that. But different rubber dome have different feel, some are ok. Some rubber dome key's tactile feel still gives you a sense when a key is pressed. That is, when you press down a key, at some point, the dome collapses, and the key gets sucked down. This is good for typing. However, on Logitch gaming keyboards, they are rather linear, and no crisp bottom neither. So, the whole feel is mushy. This is worst for typing. I suppose they designed it that way for gamers. But even for gamers, especially today's Massively multiplayer online game, chatting is a major activity. Accordingly, updated: Gaming Keyboards for Programers (Emacs, Linux, Blender, …)

• The Logitech Wave Keyboard's key feel is complete SHIT. You know how some rubber dome key is such that sometimes when you try to press a key on a corner, it stuck and won't go down, due to the friction of the housing (your attack angle is WRONG!). The Wave keyboard's keys are like that. SHIT. Besides, it's strange curves has no ergonomic benefits. More of a gimmick. Thus, updated: Logitech Wave Keyboard, Thoughts.

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