Linux: Great Image Viewer Applications

Perm URL with updates:

This page gives a list of popular image viewers on Linux.

  • GNOME: Eye of GNOME eog
  • KDE: Gwenview gwenview
  • GQView (GTK+) gqview
  • GThumb gthumb (similar to IrfanView on Windows)
  • LXDE (light weight desktop): GPicView (similar to Microsoft Windows's Picture Viewer)
  • KuickShow
  • GImageView gimv
  • QIV (Quick Image Viewer)
  • ViewNior

I asked on twitter this:

what's a linux image viewer that allow random slide show? have 20k images,want view random. eg Mac's Graphics Converter, Windows IrfanView

Someone answered: PornView. Here's a quote from the description:

PornView is an image and movie viewer/manager with thumbnail previews. Additional features includes thumbnail caching, directory tree views, adjustable zoom, and fullscreen view. Slideshows allow for unattended presentation of images for hands-free viewing. Pornview is written using GTK+.

LOL. Exactly what i needed.

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