Windows Firewall Error code 0x80070424; How to Fix

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In Windows 7, when i go to the Control Panel and click on Windows Firewall, i got this error:

Windows Firewall can't change some of your settings.
Error code 0x80070424

here's how to fix:

  • Error Code 0x80070424 with Windows Firewall and “Base Filtering Engine Service” Not available in services database list. By Danma_. @ Source


Download the following registry files:

There are 2 of them in the zip file:


Open them to import to your registry.

Restart Windows.

Launch regedit. (press 【Win+r】 and type regedit)

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\BFE

  • Right click on it, choose 〖permissions〗.
  • Click on 〖ADD〗 and type Everyone and click OK.
  • Now Click on 〖Everyone〗, below, select full control and click OK.

Now, launch services.msc. (press 【Win+r】 and type services.msc)

  • Start “Base Filtering Engine” service. (right click on it and chose 〖Start〗)
  • Start “Windows Firewall” service. (right click on it and chose 〖Start〗)

For how i got/noticed this error, see: Microsoft Windows Update Fail KB2691905.

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