Edward O'Connor (aka hober) vs Xah Lee

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This page documents some conflicts between Edward O'Connor (aka hober) and Xah Lee (me), from my perspective.

Edward O'Connor (aka hober) guy is a Free Software Foundation fanatic, and quick to label people who disagree with him as “troll”.

We first met in Freenode's IRC #emacs channel in ≈2006. At first he is friendly, but quickly considered me a “troll” due to my controversial opinions. Much more detail here: Freenode IRC Emacs Channel Ban on Xah Lee.

Why would he consider me troll? Here's few of my essays, he probably consider them trolling. Judge yourself:

Edward runs a emacs blog aggregate site http://planet.emacsen.org/. In ≈, people suggested that my emacs blog be added, he turned the request down, saying that i'm a “consummate troll”. The request is at https://github.com/hober/planet.emacsen.org/pull/2. Here's a screenshot:

Edward OConnor vs Xah Lee 2012-06-01
Edward OConnor vs Xah Lee. (screenshot of 〔https://github.com/hober/planet.emacsen.org/pull/2〕 as of 2012-06-01.)

I have since learned, he also labeled several other programers troll. See: http://edward.oconnor.cx/experiments/trolls/. Quote:

Experiments with troll markup

See also the simple container of hCards on the block list brainstorming page of the microformats wiki, and my troll-filters project on github.

People I consider to be trolls Troll  Email addresses
Rob Burns  rob@robburns.com
John Foliot  foliot@wats.ca, jfoliot@stanford.edu, foliot@stanford.edu
Xah Lee  xah@xahlee.org, xahlee@gmail.com
William Loughborough  wloughborough@gmail.com
Andy Mabbett  andy@pigsonthewing.org.uk
Shelley Powers  shelley.just@gmail.com, shelleyp@burningbird.net
Leif Halvard Silli  lhs@malform.no
Philip TAYLOR  P.Taylor@Rhul.Ac.Uk
Some stats related to HTML 5

All of the above trolls have participated or are participating in the HTML 5 standardization effort except for Xah.

Here's a screenshot:

Edward OConnor troll list 2012-06-01
Edward O'Connor's troll list. (Screenshot of 〔http://edward.oconnor.cx/experiments/trolls/〕 as of 2012-06-01)

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