Emacs: to Mouse or Not to Mouse?

Bill Meahan, a veteran of emacs users and veteran programer back to 1960s, in a comment said he usually don't mouse in emacs. That is true for me too. Come to think of it, to be honest i do use mouse when i want to adjust the different window or frame sizes (I do this perhaps once a day). I think i also use mouse to scroll sometimes (probably hourly). Another instance where sometimes i use mouse is when browsing info doc for long session.

Emacs culture usually sticks to keyboard only. Though, i remember one time i was surprised reading on gnu.emacs.help where i think a experienced emacs user uses mouse for text selection. I think this might be more common before emacs 23 had move by visual line.

There's not much data about how average emacs users (who may never read emacs online forums) may or may not use mouse. So, i'd like to ask this to you all.

Do you use mouse in emacs? for what operation?

Comment at my blogger http://xahlee.blogspot.com/2012/06/emacs-to-mouse-or-not-to-mouse.html or at g+ or at twitter @ErgoEmacs.

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