Human Walking Speed, Power Walk, Racewalking

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Racewalking ≈ Sissy-walk

Russia's Olga Kaniskina won the women's 20-kilometer walk

Racewalking is different from power walk.

Power Walk is walking fast, with the criterion that at least one foot must be in contact with the ground. A very good exercise, alternative to jogging.

Racewalking has additional rule: when leg contact the ground, the knee must be straight. (i.e. you can't crouch walk like ninja)

so, i guess this developed this sissy-like hip swinging form. It's somewhat unnatural. Can't see how it became a olympic sport.

  • average human walking speed = 5 km/h ≈ 1.39 m/s.
  • average person walk very fast = 7 km/h to 9 km/h.
  • pro level racewalk 20km = 14 km/h.
2011 Australian Race Walk Champs, Canberra

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