Nice Text Column Commands in cua-mode

There's a nice feature of cua-mode. Turn it on, then 【Ctrl+Enter】 to start selecting rectangle. Then, you can start typing to insert text to the whole column, or press 【⌫ Backspace】 to delete to the left every char on the left boundary, or press 【⌦ Delete】 to delete the whole rectangle, or use any of {Cut, 【Ctrl+x】, Copy 【Ctrl+c】, Paste 【Ctrl+v】}. To cancel selection, press 【Ctrl+Enter】 again.

This is much better than emacs's rectangular commands (e.g. kill-rectangleCtrl+x r k】) because it visually highlight only the column selection, and no need for use specialized rectangle commands.

via +Markus Schütz

for more about working with column text, see: Emacs: Manipulate Column Text, string-rectangle, ASCII-Art

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