List of Keyboards with Mechanical Switch

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Here's a quick list of keyboards with mechanical switches. They typically start at $70. Ergonomic ones with fancy shapes usually starts at $200. (If you don't know what Cherry MX means, first see: Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms.)

Note: Microsoft or Logitech keyboards do not use mechanical switches, even expensive ones.


Truly Ergonomic Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown)

The ╬╝TRON Keyboard (hard to buy in USA)

Kinesis Contoured Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown)

Maltron Keyboard

Datadesk Tech Smartboard Keyboard. (may be hard to buy) Picture at Ergonomic Keyboards Gallery


Corsair K60, K90 (Cherry MX Red)

Filco Majestouch. Produces many different models, with or without numberical keypad, and also with many switch type: Brown, Black, Blue, or Red. Be sure to read model's spec in detail. (104 keys: amazon) (See: Keyboards Without Numberic Keypad.)

Razer BlackWidow. (Cherry MX Blue) amazon

Cooler Master keyboard. (See: Keyboards Without Numberic Keypad.)

Azio Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard. (See: Keyboards Without Numberic Keypad.)

Das keyboard. Some model are not mechanical. Be sure to check spec. (➲ review here)

Ducky keyboard (may be hard to buy in USA) (➲ KBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky Keyboard)

KBC Poker keyboard (may be hard to buy in USA) (➲ KBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky Keyboard)

Unicomp IBM Model M (➲ review here)

Happy Hacking Keyboard (professional model only) (➲ The Idiocy of the Happy Hacking Keyboard)

SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard. (Cherry MX Black) amazon

Matias Tactile Pro 3.0. Switch Type: White Alps Strongman.

• Adesso Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Hub and Audio Jack - USB and PS/2 (MKB-135B) Adesso MKB-135B Pro. Switch Type: Cherry MX Blue. amazon

Cherry SmartBoard G83-6744 Keyboard - wired - Black - English - US amazon

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