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Southern American English accent by a cute girl

Here's Alabama girl recording her accent. (“southern accent”) Alabama accent. (kissandmakeupx2 2011-05-24) for French English accent, see:

Humor: I Am Canadian (Video)


virtual singer Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) in Second Life

The virtual singer Hatsune Miku is available in SL!She's available in Second Life.Source marketplace.secondlife.comFull story at: Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid: Computer Generated Virtual Singing Doll.thx to wizardgynoid

Emacs: Getting Environment Variable When Launching Emacs from GUI

On Windows or Mac, when you launch emacs from desktop, often the environment variables are not inherited. How to solve this?On Windows, you need to set them in Registry. You can do that using command line (setx in “cmd.exe”) or GUI (“SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe”). see Windows Environment Variables Basic Tutorial.On Mac, you need to set a file 〔~/.MacOSX/environment.plist〕 See: Source thx to Adam Jiang for asking.Emacs and Microsoft Windows TipsWhich Emacs to Download for Windows and Mac?Installing Cygwin TutorialDifference Between Emacs's “(getenv PATH)” and “exec-path”

Xah Lee Introduces Stanford University Computer Science Courses

Stanford University introduced several free online course starting in late 2011. There are about 10 of them, mostly in the field of computer science. The course are basically a series of pre-recorded videos, each about 10 min long. All free. You don't need to buy text books etc. You basically just watch the videos, do homework that is asked. These are for self-learning and for general public. They are not related to social approval and sanction. i.e. it does not give you university credit for certificate.I've looked the intro video of each. Here's the courses and my impression.Machine Learning “Machine Learning” By Andrew Ng. “Machine Learning” By Andrew Ng. Machine learningNatural Language Processing “Natural Language Processing” By Dan Jurafsky, Christopher Manning. The teachers seem mechanical and boring. One of the guy is wussy, but he wrote a popular book, so i think it's competent class.The book he wrote is: Foundations of Statistical …

Xah Lee juggling

This is me juggling, 2002. Seems like yesterday.

the tragedy of emacs pinky, once again

someone on stackoverflow is asking about how to avoid the emacs pinky. See: Source stackoverflow.comthe guy already developed emacs pinky.Note that this is quite a frequently asked question. People ask about it year round all over. On Reddit, Hacker News, Quara, StackOverflow …, and on lots personal blogs. Many already got RSI. Here's a example of another post about it: Source StackOverflow itself, the topics comes up frequently. Sometimes in the name of “what's the best emacs keyboard”.Here's my take, old article but popular: How to Avoid the Emacs Pinky Problem.

facial expression: watch pretty girl talk with sound off

post removed because it might violate Google's ad program policy. See here instead

update: the Turned A in Turn A Gundam

Few days ago, i discussed whether the symbol “upside-down A” in title of anime series 〈Turn A Gundam〉 should be the unicode (U+2200; FOR ALL) or (U+2C6F; LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED A). I got the answer. Thanks to Maiko Kinzel Engelke and Benjamin Howard Lee. See bottom at Unicode Semantics: the ∀ in Turn A Gundam.

emacs lisp: a command to transform html links

Unicode Semantics: Turn A Gundam!

This article discusses a semantics issue of a Unicode character.Yesterday, i sent 6 hours researching a song: Yoko Kanno - Moon. It's a song from a Japanese animation titled 〈Ɐ Gundam〉, which is read as “Turn A Gundam”.Turn A Gundam title screen. Note the V merged with G, with G being part of the word Gundam.However, on Wikipedia they used the Unicode char (U+2200; FOR ALL), not (U+2C6F; LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED A).So, i spend a total perhaps 30 min on this issue, researching on the issue of which of the two Unicode character is more proper. (that I myself would use on my website. (my writing on my website is pretty meticulous like this.)).read more at

testing keyboard n-key rollover

another update on keyboardHow many simultaneous key presses can your keyboard handle?Test How Many Keys Can Your Keyboard RegisterHere's a test you can do.Hold down both left Shift key and right Shift key, then press x. See if the letter shows up on your screen.Yes? Now, try other keys, while keep both the Shift keys depressed. Go through the whole alphabet. Best is to ask your friend to hold both the Shift down, then you press each and every key on your keyboard, and see if they appear on the screen.On my Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 and Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, when both Shift are held down, the key x and / and 3 does not work!“Apple Bondi Blue iMac keyboard (M2452)”On my Apple iMac keyboard M2452 (year ~2000), all the top row {QWERTYUIOP[} does not work, except ] and \.read more at Keyboard Switch MechanismsKeyboard Hardware Design FlawsPC Keyboard Modifier Keys (A Short Survey)Computer Keyboard: Home/E…

Moon, song by Yoko Kanno

〈Moon〉 from 〈Turn A Gundam〉.more versions and info at 〈Moon〉(Song from Turn a Gundam)

more keyboard geeking

New page Truly Ergonomic keyboard (review).Plus several updates onThe Idiocy of the Happy Hacking KeyboardKBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky KeyboardImproved writing, added photo, cleaned dead links, etc.If you like the reviews, tell your friends, tweet, blog about it, buy it from amazon links on my site. Thanks.

update: Computer Keyboard Switch Mechanisms

Cherry MX Brown Switch mechanism. Most common.Much updated: Computer Keyboard Switch Mechanisms.