American Bleeding-Hearts: the Forrest Gump Syndrome

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i wrote a lot recently attacking the American Left bleeding-hearts camp (for lack of better term). This is the camp of people that's always pro-active about green, peace, human rights, animal rights, women's rights, (poor) people's rights, help Africa, help the blind, deaf, cripples, … they hang on their mouth all day and night are terms like: rights, justice, racism, sexism, equality. (but they have no heart for anyone they disagree with)

this group is particularly active on social networks, from penniless to affluent guys. (for example, the recent nymwar anti-Google movement is a good example of antics of this camp)

usually i write looong, and tons of articles. (like: eloquent n prodigious!)

but y'know the “tl;dr” syndrome? What's a short version?

it occurred to me, “Forrest Gump Syndrome” is a good epithet to adopt. You know Forrest Gump? A stunted imbecile, but as long as you have a good heart, you will become a millionaire, a sports champion, a war hero, save the world, and get your girl too!

for any social issue, you can easily decide which is the Forrest Gump Choice. Just imagine yourself to be a idiot IQ of 1, but have a GOOD HEART. Then you'll know, the correct policy for a better world!

For long version, see Bertrand Russel's “What I Believe”. Love without Knowledge = disaster. Google it.

Or, also check out FEELINGS OF INFERIORITY (Industrial Society and its Future) by the unabomber.

Hackers: Dead Links and Human Compassion?

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there's something i don't understand about the fucking tech geekers.

there's a lisp character, his name is Rainer Joswig. Over the years, we've had our exchange of spats. But to me, usually my mindset is that whatever argument we had online among tech geekers, the real life relationship is still a potentially positive one. i.e. for me, i still consider it open to meet people who i had arguments online, in a friendly way, like, having a coffee together or something when the opportunity arise.

but, unfortunately, i find that sometimes it's not how the other party perceived things.

I've had few personal examples. But today, i realized perhaps Rainer is a example too.

in our arguments, he have provided info that are useful to me. For example, in my article on lisp/emacs keybinding: Why Emacs's Keyboard Shortcuts are Painful.

he has made corrections (in the form of argument/criticism/ridicule here in comp.lang.lisp). Then, i accepted some of his points, and at the time, asked him if i can put it on my site. He agreed. I also, happily linked to his site. Like this:

<p>2008-07-15 Addendum: Thanks to
<a class="sorc" href="http://lispm.dyndns.org/" title="accessed:2008-07-15">Rainer Joswig</a>
for some correction about the history of the lisp machine's keyboards.
<a class="sorc" href="http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.lisp/msg/3b3dcdc52f507b02" title="accessed:2010-01-30">Source</a>.</p>

(the link is still there as of today; but i might remove it since his site is dead for a month now)

however, a month ago, i noticed that his website 〔http://lispm.dyndns.org/〕 is gone. I took the time to find his contact. I asked him on twitter (@RainerJoswig) and or g+ (+Rainer Joswig) about this. Got no response. I asked him again last week in a public post here in a thread in comp.lang.lisp (See: Source groups.google.com.). No response.

I don't understand???

There are 2 issues here.

① I fucking hate these motherfucking tech geeking hacker fucks who leave dead links on the web and don't fucking care. What the fuck? Aren't these elite, elegant, coding experts who always take perfection in algorithm, code, style, language, etc?

Rainer seems to be well and alive on twitter, g+, StackOverflow, too. No response to my query, yet i don't see any public notice about what's the deal with his dead home page. I see tens of sites now linking to a dead URL, counting my own.

I don't understand, how could they, have their home page dead, and doesn't seem to care?

② The second issue, is that, since i found him on g+, i subscribed/followed him (added him in a circle), and also sent him a friendly hello message. But today, i discovered, it appears that he blocked me. Up till today, to my mind, i think that Rainer perhaps thinks i'm a annoying lisp idiot, but that's all, and doesn't hold grudge otherwise against me. But maybe that's not so.

This, i don't understand?? Aren't these hacker types all for the best ethics of humanity? the likes of freedom and compassion and all?

I, Xah Lee, usually go out of my way to be platonically thankful, promote my enemy's cause when proper. In this case, i linked to his website from my website, which i'm very meticulous who i provide a link to. I DON'T HAVE TO provide the link if i don't want to. A name suffices as acknowledgment formality. And SEO sites fucking pay me $30 a month per link. What the fuck is going on?

Yours truely no unstand,
 Human animal scumbags.


The above is originally a post to comp.lang.lisp: Source groups.google.com.

For story of dead links among hacker idiots, see:


book: A Course In Universal Algebra

hoping to read this book:

but my plate is quite full already….

Where Do Spammers Came From?

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fucking spammers scraping my site content as their own.

And, each day, am getting a spam tweet. Others with more followers, gets tens of them per day. I have to spend 20 min per day cleaning spam comments on my site. Google search always ends up with lots of spam sites. Gmail filters tens of spam email per day, but still a couple came thru to my inbox each day. YouTube, are increasing filled with spam videos, e.g. no-content videos from spammers telling you about making money or clicking to go to their site…

if you live on the net, as most of us g+ users are, you know there's tons of spam. On twitter, facebook, blogs, everywhere, and more and more on g+. They spam you in ever every possible imaginable way.

you wonder, where the hell they come from? Such a prodigious quantity, globally. Even though, google, twitter, facebook, these powerful companies put great effort to check spam, often in a automated way with bleeding-edge tech, but it seems almost useless, because the spammers either has a order of magnitude greater in man power, and or, has their own bleeding-edge tech to spam the hell of the anti-spam system (called tech-war escalation). Twitter, a comparatively smaller player, its livelihood depends on clean stream, else users will abandon it. We can be pretty sure that spam reach us not because these company didn't try hard to get rid of it.

here comes Xah Wrath: it is from all the nice people you see on the web, my friend. On twitter, you know so many have “seo expert” on their profile? same for g+. And they are all nice, wonderful, people. Leaving constructive comments in discussions in your posts.

where else do they possibly came from? middle of the earth?

maybe you are a single mom. Maybe you are a student activist spreading great ethics online. But when your chips are down, perhaps you have also signed up on the spam team to get a few bucks during the night? Spammers, content farms, black hat SEO, they don't come into existence by magic. They need Capital: workers, posters, account operators, writers, creators, managers, recruiters, and spam tech needs coders to write. Or, is it only evil lords who do spam? Or, perhaps, it's the Russian, the Chinese, they, it is they, who did all the wrong. Or, actually, maybe it's the Anonymous. They kids, doing fucking things everywhere. One thing we know for sure is, it's not you and me, not our family, not our friends.

Anonymous vs Google: the Origin and Culture of Anonymous

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you know how today there's the Anonymous group? the group who hacked FBI sites and governments sites, MasterCard site, PayPal site, Scientology, etc. The supporter of #wikileaks, people's freedom, anti-censorship, anti big corporations. It's, like, a Vigilante group loved by people, especially us who live on the internet.

what is Anonymous? It's chaos, fuckup. It's like in war time, there's no order, everyone is fucked, and all things goes. That's really the cultural backdrop of Anonymous. The associated word for such chaos, fuckup, is: revolution.

for many of the American Left bleeding-hearts of wishful-thinking i-help-transsexuals PETA-animal i-am-Forrest-Gump types, Anonymous is like the people's hero, the modern Robinhood. This Goody-two-shoes group, often support Anonymous in a implicit way. Like, following #anonymous on twitter, tweet their causes, stories, #occupy, anti-censorship, pro-wikileaks, etc, all over the net.

but on the other hand, if you show the roots of Anonymous to these people, they distance themselves from it with a ten-hundred-foot pole.

what is the roots of Anonymous? let me show you:

there, you see the nature of Anonymous. It isn't some justice group from academia. It isn't some political party wishing to change the world for the better. It is, mostly, a helpless, angry, chaotic, group of young males of modern society (in particular in USA), living on the net and fucking around.

(it's interesting to note, with respect to online culture of past decade, they can be compared to being the opposite of Google. Google is the body that cultivated a culture of positive internet, with the mantra of “Don't Be Evil”, by always using pleasing and positive words, building positive communities. While, the Anonymous, goes: “We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”. Ain't it LOL?)

best of times, worst of times, such interesting times, from A Tale of Two Internet Groups!

Btw, to verify facts yourself, you could check wikipedia to begin with. Here's a convenient link: Anonymous (group).

Demolition of modern society, final scene from Fight Club

Source plus.google.com


Steve Jobs on Google Website on 2011-10-05

Steve Jobs on Google Website on 2011-10-05

google dot com Steve Jobs 2011-10-05
google.com website on 2011-10-05

Steve Jobs on Apple Website, see: http://xahlee.org/comp/Death_of_Steve_Jobs.html

Censorship from Sex Blogger Violet Blue

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[The following describes a incident on social network Google Plus, where a well-known blogger Violet Blue censored my comment.]

just discovered, that i seem to be ban'd or blocked by one +Violet Blue.

She wrote a piece on suicide in tech industry recently (2011 Dec 30), here: Source plus.google.com (See below for a screenshot.)

The post points to a article she wrote about suicide in the tech industry. Here:

  • Tech's Relationship With Depression, Suicide and Asperger's (2011-12-29) By Violet Blue. @ Source www.zdnet.com

I read her article, and posted a comment on her g+ thread criticizing it. (in my comment, i have also mentioned am likely to kill myself. (this is the first i ever interacted with her.))

just now, i was doing something else (was doing some personal research on the rough number of followers of g+ celebrities), and stumbled on her g+ page again. I remembered the comment i made, so i went to check the post to see if there's any other comments. Then, i discovered, she seems to have ban'd/blocked me, because now g+ shows none of her articles, even public ones. Ι went to another browser without being logged in to g+ and checked on that post. This comfirmed, that she have ban'd/blocked me, and she also deleted my comments.

this, seems typical human animal at work. So, you can write a story that's compassionate to programer suicides. But when a suicidal programer criticized you, you ban him! lol.

i really wish i have archived that thread while it contained my comment. damn. Btw, there's at least one another guy criticized her article that i've seen. That one is more harsh and 3 times longer then the one i posted (if i recall correctly), but it was posted after mine. Apparently that one is also deleted. All her comments now (12 of them) are all just nice words, and she says in her comment: “Thanks for the comments and insight everyone!”.

Here's a screenshot of her post as of now.

Violet Blue suicide censorship post screenshot 2012-01-12
Violet Blue g+ post screenshot, taken on 2012-01-12

typical of human animals.

btw, if you don't know who she is... she's a sex blogger. She had controversy with other bloggers. You can read it on wikipedia Violet Blue (author). Here's a excerpt of the negative parts

In October 2007, Blue filed a lawsuit against adult actress Ada Mae Johnson,[10] who had performed under the name since 2000,[11] alleging that Johnson had adopted Blue's persona, and her recently-trademarked (in 2007) name, “Violet Blue.”[12] She said she had been using the name in writings since 1999.[10] The lawsuit alleged trademark violation and dilution, as well as unfair business practices. Pursuant to a preliminary injunction and court order granted in 2007[13] to cease using “names, trademarks and Internet domains confusingly similar to, or identical to, Plaintiff's trademark VIOLET BLUE,” Johnson changed her stage name to Noname Jane. The lawsuit was settled in October 2008.[14]

In July 2008, Blue sought restraining orders against online critics David Burch (aka Ben Burch) and Nina Alter to prohibit them from e-mailing her, editing her Wikipedia page, or writing unkindly about her online. Both motions were denied.[15]

Around June 2008, there was controversy in the blogosphere after Violet Blue posted on her blog claiming that the blog Boing Boing had removed all posts referring to the author (estimated by a Los Angeles Times blogger[16] to number at least 70) from the site. A heated debate ensued after a brief statement on the Boing Boing site regarding this action stated: “Violet behaved in a way that made us reconsider whether we wanted to lend her any credibility or associate with her. It's our blog and so we made an editorial decision, like we do every single day”.[17] Boing Boing editor Xeni Jardin said that she hoped she would not have to make the reasons public.[18]

well, now i have a little personal taste of her character.

  • Sex columnist Violet Blue tries to restrain online foes (2008-08-20) By Will Harper. @ Source www.sfweekly.com
  • Sex Writer Violet Blue Sues Porn Star Violet Blue Over Name – Updated (2007-10-24) By Ryan Singel. @ Source www.wired.com
  • Violet Blue can’t convince court to restrain Wikipedia editors (2008-08-04) By Jackson West. @ Source valleywag.com

unix idiot's thoughts about what's and what's not unix

when unix problem is described, for example, in the UNIX-Haters Handbook, then, the unix idiots often go like this: “well, that's not unix, that's X11.”, “That's NOT unix, it's just the file system. You should switch to a better filesystem.”. Or, “it's not unix, it's shell. Nobody is forcing you to use tcsh, use zsh!”. Or, “you idiot, the problem you describe is tar. Just change to GNU tar.”. Or, “well, good point, but it's not unix at fault, it's the mach kernel.”.

while, when unix is shown in a positive light, for example, when Apple adopted the BSD's kernel for Mac OS X and marketing it as “UNIX Based”, then unix idiots went: look! even Apple switched to unix!

fucking unix scumbags.

HAL's birthday

Misc updates.

New index page of articles: Web Tech Gossip Articles.

Today's HAL's birthday. Run this perl code to have Mac sing Daisy Bell. Daisy Bell in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Female Perfume vs Male Perfume

See here instead http://xahlee.org/sex/female_perfume_vs_male_perfume.html


emacs lisp: testing equality of symbol variables

When setting your emacs preferences, you can check whether your machine is {Windows, Mac, Linux}, by the variable system-type, like this:

(defun open-in-desktop ()
  "Open the current file in desktop.
Works in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux."
   ((string-equal system-type "windows-nt")
    (w32-shell-execute "explore" (replace-regexp-in-string "/" "\\" default-directory t t)))
   ((string-equal system-type "darwin") (shell-command "open ."))
   ((string-equal system-type "gnu/linux") (shell-command "xdg-open ."))
   ) )

But i have a question. According to the “describe-variable” and elisp manual ((info "(elisp) System Environment")), the var “system-type”'s value is a symbol. However, why does the following work? (string-equal system-type "windows-nt")

It appears, any symbol can be tested as if it is a string. For example:

(string-equal 'x 'x) ; ⇒ t
(string-equal 'x 'y) ; ⇒ nil

(setq myVar 'tt )
(string-equal myVar "tt") ; ⇒ t

Ted Zlatanov, a emacs dev, comes to the rescue on the why!

From the docstring:

string-equal is a built-in function in `C source code'.

(string-equal S1 S2)

Return t if two strings have identical contents.
Case is significant, but text properties are ignored.
Symbols are also allowed; their print names are used instead.

So You Want to Change the World?

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i come to realize, that the world is rather quite complex…

this is in the context of creating a better world.

this will probably sound trite and silly to you, and if i may say so, you probably don't have sufficient understanding of the world to appreciate what i'll write here neither. (it's like, when you (let's say a teenager) read a philosopher's discourse, then it'll be like “what the hell is this guy talking about”, or “what a idiot, stating the most obvious”.

… btw, this is another extempore drivel by me, so no need to heed, nor is it some real insight or wisdom or such. It's just my brain fart …

so, i was saying… that i come to realize this world is quite complex, and it's rather helpless in making it better. Ok more context:

you know how in this day and age, we hear politicians all arguing such and such this and that about making the world better. And, when it comes to politicians, it's like a comedy show. They don't agree with each other, they argue. Nay, actually they gouge each other's eyes out; well they try anyway. On the other hand, we hear pundits, activists, and even YOU, my little nothingness activists or tweeters in social networks, tweeting daily opinions about #occupy , #wikileaks , politics, economics, share and reshare articles that you want others to see. (and then of course there's fights about religion, its validity, its role, its effects, etc, but we'll leave religion out, as they say, just to make the matter a bit simpler)

so, that's the thing. That's the context. It appears, everyone wants the world to be a better place, and everyone seems to know the right way.

me, myself, of course, want to fucking kill you, because you are a idiot. I, have one bag of opinions and beliefs, about porn, about politics, about many things, about the feminists pussy sex race and US American bleeding-hearts.

so that's the problem. That's the context and that's the problem.

take me for example, a man with learnings that surpasses vast majority of professors. But what can i do?? A fart from Paris Hilton has a far greater impact in this world than my lifetime's writings. One sex tape of Paris smites me out like a ant. I'm nothing, learning be damned.

yeah, so that's the problem. What can YOU do? You want to change the world??

so, u see, that's the situation am thinking about, and the world really has been like that. Humanity has been like this. In the good old days, if you are ruthless and powerful, you can become a king by the sheer power of your muscles, you actually could do some change. In modern society post industrialization, especially today, it's harder and harder. Well, what i meant is that each individual's power in modern society is effectively 0.

You could, be one Paris Hilton, or Steve Jobs, or George Bush, to be sure. But generally speaking, your chances are zero. Of the 7 billions of this world, mathematically speaking, some 0.0000001 percent of people gets to be the top few thousand that do have some power in directions.

i've had this thought about ten years ago… for those of you familiar with the math concept of cellular automata. (have you ever played Conway's game of life before? check it out here Conway's Game of Life) Human animals, human society, is like a cellular automata system. You can think of each person as just a ant. Ants, collectively, may create hills, eat a house, form observable swarm patterns and make visible changes to the world (good or bad), but individually, it's just a sand in a dune. I don't matter. U don't matter. Statistically speaking, nobody is powerful enough to put a dent in the whole system. The system, as a cellular automata system, has a life on its own, and unpredictable. Even if you are the world's most powerful man, say the currently richest Bill Gates, or USA president, you can effect the world somewhat, temporarily, and regionally. Or, consider the greatest philosopher, scientist, you might think they have ever-lasting influence on humanity. But viewed in a different way, perhaps they are like a giant wave, setting out a pattern, but it subsides soon enough, by all other waves of different shapes and sizes and all the drops of the water that makes the whole.

… humm i should end it here. It makes this essay powerful!


♥: I'm more than you two put together!

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Why I'm Removing Tech Blogger Celebrities and Googler on G+

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in the past couple months, i started to remove pop persons from my circles, those accrued when g+ started.

basically, anyone with thousands of followers, immediately begets my despise, and is prime candidate for removal.

the process goes like this. In a day, when i see a post, i go to their page, check who they were. If they got thousands of followers, we never interacted, then i do a quick check of their past posts (and if it is not specialized, and not of interest to me, then they are uncircled.)

on average, i remove ~2 persons per day. I do this leisurely, as i don't want to treat it like a job and do drudgery of meta-managing social-network work.

most of these folks are googlers, writers/bloggers, media “experts”, of the tech/startup gossip community (e.g. seo, mashable, techcrunch, etc countless shits). Half of them are women which i begot from the most followed women shit that was circulating when g+ started.

i, xah lee, despise them. They are idiots. Their writings, are drivels of humanity. (as opposed to: “I really appreciate all the creative, talented, people that i've come to know that together we make the world a better place.”. Do fuck my ass!)

you see, dear readers, if you want to know about any subject of human animals, there's encyclopedia, text books, history books, War And Peace. But if you want interactivity with live person, then the proper person is expert of that area, usually professors (and vast majority of them don't do “social”, for the very reason that “social” is often a stupidity hole.). What the social networking pop stars are, are drivel mongers and marketing dweebs that curate second-hand wishful thinking to brainless persons to amass massive following, especially in tech. (and why they do that? how did this group arise? web $ads$+$spam$ in past decade) Not unlike, say, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton gather massive teen girl fans.

like, the bags of Hilton and shoes of Britney is your tech geeker's Facebook and Google+ and Apple and Steve Jobs. Gossip, gossip, gossssipi!

✻ ✻ ✻

googlers (i.e. Google employees) is a interesting special case. Normally, these people are not your average gossip/idiocy spreading group. However, due to g+ status and the financial incentive from their company for the success of g+, tons of googlers became pop stars, each with tens of thousands of followers overnight. (See: Are Googlers the Minions of Google Marketing?.)

at first, i thought it's interesting. Because, i like Google (been observing the company for a decade (See: Can Google Be Trusted?.)). Google products are always far better quality than competitor. I think googlers are smart bunch. But, in general, the result from following googlers are quite disappointing. Half of their posts are to peddle g+, like: “ZOMG check out this new feature in g+!”. Then, half of the women tweet woman things… bags, photo of their dinner plates, cute puppies, then now and then sentimental shit like saving Africa or stupid quotes like that the likes of Dalai Lama (See: Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama.) While, guys, don't do much better… tweeting tech gadgets, some new memes youtube vid about physics. Curiously, as a programer, i thought i'd occasionally see interesting tweet about programing from coders… that basically never happened.

for hackers: computing history, software and language design

For you programers, i highly recommend this series of videos:

  • Crockford on JavaScript: A Public Lecture Series at Yahoo! (2010-01-25) By Douglas Crockford. @ Source yuiblog.com

Especially if you think you are a “Hacker”.

There's 8 videos, total time is several hours. The first 3 or so is actually about computing history, software design, language design. The last few are more technical about javascript and web tech.

This is very popular. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen already. At least the first 3 vids.

Emacs Dired: Opening Files in External Apps

2012-03-03, for latest update, see: http://xahlee.org/emacs/emacs_dired_open_file_in_ext_apps.html

Here's a simple elisp code that opens the current directory in desktop.

(defun open-in-desktop ()
  "Open the current file in desktop.
Works in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux."
   ((string-equal system-type "windows-nt")
    (w32-shell-execute "explore" (replace-regexp-in-string "/" "\\" default-directory t t)))
   ((string-equal system-type "darwin") (shell-command "open ."))
   ((string-equal system-type "gnu/linux") (shell-command "xdg-open ."))
   ) )

(this command is bundled with ErgoEmacs Keybinding, with key 【Ctrl+Shift+o】)

You can give the command a hotkey. (See: Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts.)


Humor: the State of Reason in Interweb Age: Riding Nyan Cat to Nebula and Moar!

moar anime girl

moar @ http://xahlee.org/funny/reason_in_interweb_age.html

charming young girls

post moved to http://xahlee.org/sex/young_coquettes.html

Romance vs Reality


Vancouver 2011 riot kissing couple
Photo by photojournalist Richard Lam


“Vancouver Kissing Couple — ORIGINAL VIDEO” (chrisitout 2011-06-18) Video by Chris Wing (Vancouver resident).

detail at http://xahlee.org/Periodic_dosage_dir/riot_kissing_couple.html