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American Bleeding-Hearts: the Forrest Gump Syndrome

Perm URL with updates: wrote a lot recently attacking the American Left bleeding-hearts camp (for lack of better term). This is the camp of people that's always pro-active about green, peace, human rights, animal rights, women's rights, (poor) people's rights, help Africa, help the blind, deaf, cripples, … they hang on their mouth all day and night are terms like: rights, justice, racism, sexism, equality. (but they have no heart for anyone they disagree with)this group is particularly active on social networks, from penniless to affluent guys. (for example, the recent nymwar anti-Google movement is a good example of antics of this camp)usually i write looong, and tons of articles. (like: eloquent n prodigious!)but y'know the “tl;dr” syndrome? What's a short version?it occurred to me, “Forrest Gump Syndrome” is a good epithet to adopt. You know Forrest Gump? A stunted imbecile, but as long as you ha…

Hackers: Dead Links and Human Compassion?

Perm URL with updates:'s something i don't understand about the fucking tech geekers.there's a lisp character, his name is Rainer Joswig. Over the years, we've had our exchange of spats. But to me, usually my mindset is that whatever argument we had online among tech geekers, the real life relationship is still a potentially positive one. i.e. for me, i still consider it open to meet people who i had arguments online, in a friendly way, like, having a coffee together or something when the opportunity arise.but, unfortunately, i find that sometimes it's not how the other party perceived things.I've had few personal examples. But today, i realized perhaps Rainer is a example our arguments, he have provided info that are useful to me. For example, in my article on lisp/emacs keybinding: Why Emacs's Keyboard Shortcuts are Painful.he has made corrections (in the form of argument/criticism/r…

book: A Course In Universal Algebra

hoping to read this book:A Course In Universal Algebra (1981) by Stanley N Burris, H P Sankappanavar. Source www.math.uwaterloo.cabut my plate is quite full already….

Where Do Spammers Came From?

Perm URL with updates: spammers scraping my site content as their own.And, each day, am getting a spam tweet. Others with more followers, gets tens of them per day. I have to spend 20 min per day cleaning spam comments on my site. Google search always ends up with lots of spam sites. Gmail filters tens of spam email per day, but still a couple came thru to my inbox each day. YouTube, are increasing filled with spam videos, e.g. no-content videos from spammers telling you about making money or clicking to go to their site…if you live on the net, as most of us g+ users are, you know there's tons of spam. On twitter, facebook, blogs, everywhere, and more and more on g+. They spam you in ever every possible imaginable wonder, where the hell they come from? Such a prodigious quantity, globally. Even though, google, twitter, facebook, these powerful companies put great effort to check spam, often in a automated way with…

Anonymous vs Google: the Origin and Culture of Anonymous

Perm URL with updates: know how today there's the Anonymous group? the group who hacked FBI sites and governments sites, MasterCard site, PayPal site, Scientology, etc. The supporter of #wikileaks, people's freedom, anti-censorship, anti big corporations. It's, like, a Vigilante group loved by people, especially us who live on the internet.what is Anonymous? It's chaos, fuckup. It's like in war time, there's no order, everyone is fucked, and all things goes. That's really the cultural backdrop of Anonymous. The associated word for such chaos, fuckup, is: revolution.for many of the American Left bleeding-hearts of wishful-thinking i-help-transsexuals PETA-animal i-am-Forrest-Gump types, Anonymous is like the people's hero, the modern Robinhood. This Goody-two-shoes group, often support Anonymous in a implicit way. Like, following #anonymous on twitter, tweet their causes, stories, #occupy,…

Steve Jobs on Google Website on 2011-10-05


Censorship from Sex Blogger Violet Blue

Perm URL with updates:[The following describes a incident on social network Google Plus, where a well-known blogger Violet Blue censored my comment.]just discovered, that i seem to be ban'd or blocked by one +Violet Blue.She wrote a piece on suicide in tech industry recently (2011 Dec 30), here: Source (See below for a screenshot.)The post points to a article she wrote about suicide in the tech industry. Here:Tech's Relationship With Depression, Suicide and Asperger's (2011-12-29) By Violet Blue. @ Source www.zdnet.comI read her article, and posted a comment on her g+ thread criticizing it. (in my comment, i have also mentioned am likely to kill myself. (this is the first i ever interacted with her.))just now, i was doing something else (was doing some personal research on the rough number of followers of g+ celebrities), and stumbled on her g+ page again. I remembered the comment i made, so i went to check …

unix idiot's thoughts about what's and what's not unix

when unix problem is described, for example, in the UNIX-Haters Handbook, then, the unix idiots often go like this: “well, that's not unix, that's X11.”, “That's NOT unix, it's just the file system. You should switch to a better filesystem.”. Or, “it's not unix, it's shell. Nobody is forcing you to use tcsh, use zsh!”. Or, “you idiot, the problem you describe is tar. Just change to GNU tar.”. Or, “well, good point, but it's not unix at fault, it's the mach kernel.”.while, when unix is shown in a positive light, for example, when Apple adopted the BSD's kernel for Mac OS X and marketing it as “UNIX Based”, then unix idiots went: look! even Apple switched to unix!fucking unix scumbags.The Nature of the Unix PhilosophyOn Unix File System's Case SensitivityUnix and the mbox Email FormatUnix, RFC, Line TruncationThe Nature of the Unix PhilosophyThe X-Windows Disaster

HAL's birthday

Misc updates.New index page of articles: Web Tech Gossip Articles.Today's HAL's birthday. Run this perl code to have Mac sing Daisy Bell. Daisy Bell in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Female Perfume vs Male Perfume

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emacs lisp: testing equality of symbol variables

When setting your emacs preferences, you can check whether your machine is {Windows, Mac, Linux}, by the variable system-type, like this: (defunopen-in-desktop () "Open the current file in desktop. Works in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux." (interactive) (cond ((string-equal system-type "windows-nt") (w32-shell-execute "explore" (replace-regexp-in-string "/""\\" default-directory t t))) ((string-equal system-type "darwin") (shell-command "open .")) ((string-equal system-type "gnu/linux") (shell-command "xdg-open .")) ) ) But i have a question. According to the “describe-variable” and elisp manual ((info "(elisp) System Environment")), the var “system-type”'s value is a symbol. However, why does the following work? (string-equal system-type "windows-nt")It appears, any symbol can be tested as if it is a string. For example: (string-equal 'x '…

So You Want to Change the World?

Perm URL with updates: come to realize, that the world is rather quite complex…this is in the context of creating a better world.this will probably sound trite and silly to you, and if i may say so, you probably don't have sufficient understanding of the world to appreciate what i'll write here neither. (it's like, when you (let's say a teenager) read a philosopher's discourse, then it'll be like “what the hell is this guy talking about”, or “what a idiot, stating the most obvious”.… btw, this is another extempore drivel by me, so no need to heed, nor is it some real insight or wisdom or such. It's just my brain fart …so, i was saying… that i come to realize this world is quite complex, and it's rather helpless in making it better. Ok more context:you know how in this day and age, we hear politicians all arguing such and such this and that about making the world better. And, whe…

♥: I'm more than you two put together!

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Why I'm Removing Tech Blogger Celebrities and Googler on G+

Perm URL with updates: the past couple months, i started to remove pop persons from my circles, those accrued when g+ started.basically, anyone with thousands of followers, immediately begets my despise, and is prime candidate for removal.the process goes like this. In a day, when i see a post, i go to their page, check who they were. If they got thousands of followers, we never interacted, then i do a quick check of their past posts (and if it is not specialized, and not of interest to me, then they are uncircled.)on average, i remove ~2 persons per day. I do this leisurely, as i don't want to treat it like a job and do drudgery of meta-managing social-network work.most of these folks are googlers, writers/bloggers, media “experts”, of the tech/startup gossip community (e.g. seo, mashable, techcrunch, etc countless shits). Half of them are women which i begot from the most followed women shit that was circulating when g+ s…

for hackers: computing history, software and language design

For you programers, i highly recommend this series of videos:Crockford on JavaScript: A Public Lecture Series at Yahoo! (2010-01-25) By Douglas Crockford. @ Source yuiblog.comEspecially if you think you are a “Hacker”.There's 8 videos, total time is several hours. The first 3 or so is actually about computing history, software design, language design. The last few are more technical about javascript and web tech.This is very popular. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen already. At least the first 3 vids.

Emacs Dired: Opening Files in External Apps

2012-03-03, for latest update, see:'s a simple elisp code that opens the current directory in desktop. (defunopen-in-desktop () "Open the current file in desktop. Works in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux." (interactive) (cond ((string-equal system-type "windows-nt") (w32-shell-execute "explore" (replace-regexp-in-string "/""\\" default-directory t t))) ((string-equal system-type "darwin") (shell-command "open .")) ((string-equal system-type "gnu/linux") (shell-command "xdg-open .")) ) ) (this command is bundled with ErgoEmacs Keybinding, with key 【Ctrl+Shift+o】)You can give the command a hotkey. (See: Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts.)Emacs Lisp: a Command to Execute/Compile Current FileEmacs Lisp Wrapper for Perl/Python/Ruby ScriptsEmacs: Perl PHP Dictionary Wikipedia Google … Reference lookupE…

Humor: the State of Reason in Interweb Age: Riding Nyan Cat to Nebula and Moar!


charming young girls

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Romance vs Reality

romancePhoto by photojournalist Richard Lamreality “Vancouver Kissing Couple — ORIGINAL VIDEO” (chrisitout 2011-06-18) Video by Chris Wing (Vancouver resident). detail at Desires Are Politically Important? (by Bertrand Russell)Demonic Males (By Richard Wrangham, Dale Peterson)