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Internet Sociology: MegaUpload Crime Boss

Perm URL with updates:, recently FBI bursted the file sharing site MegaUpload. Here's some juicy info i gathered.The site is the world's 72th most busy site, as ranked by traffic by's founder is Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz; b1974), with past criminal records. With crimes such as hacking, insider trading, embezzlement.He's got 18 expensive cars, Mercedes-Benzes, a pink 1959 Cadillac, Maserati GranCabrio, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, …, totalling estimated $4.9M.Here's a 6 min video intro.«TV3 News report on Megaupload's Kim Dotcom on the day of his arrest in Auckland New Zealand»Kim Dotcom Mansion at Coatesville, Auckland, New ZealandHere's the mansion he lives in. The mansion is Worth $24 million.USD$24M mansion, at Coatesville, Auckland, New Zealand. img src«This aerial shot shows Kim Dotcom's house in Coatesville, northwest of Auckland, New Zealand on Friday, Jan. …

Xah's Emacs Tutorial Update

I have a new version of my emacs tutorial ready.If you've bought it before, please just email to with subject “emacs tutorial upgrade”. I'll email you the download location. Sorry i don't have a automatic update system. So just send the email please if you would like the updated version.If you haven't bought it, you can get it for just $10. See: Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial. As far as i know it's more complete and detailed tutorial than any emacs book, printed or not, especially the elisp section.Thank you for support!

Chinese Hand-Exercise Iron Ball (Baoding Ball)

img srcWhen talking a walk, i usually carry Chinese hand exercise iron balls. It makes me looks like a Asian sage. (don't buy those with decorative inlaid brass wire (called Cloisonné) on the ball surface. They look pretty, but if you dropped or chipped the ball, the metal wire may stick out. Get pure marble or metal ball. Also, most of them chime. I prefer them not, especially if you work in the office.)“Chinese Exercise Ball (Stone)” amazon“Chinese Exercise Ball (Metal)” amazonThis is good for you emacs slaves. Save your pinky!for a gorgeous sci-fi looking one, see:

Emacs Tip: A Hotkey for “repeat-complex-command”

There's a emacs command repeat-complex-command.I actually never used it. But in a recent post by Dan Espen (Source, it seems useful.To make it useful, you should give it a easy hotkey, such as F5.I'm already starting to use it and found it useful.Here's why it's useful. In many emacs commands, after you call the command, you have to give arguments. For example, the query-replace. To do the same replacement again, you have to call it again, then use ↑ to go back to previous arg, Enter, then same for replacement.but with repeat-complex-command, you don't have to input the args again.In some ancient keyboard such as Sun Microsystem's Type 6 Keyboard, there's a key labeled “Again” that is bound to repeat-complex-command. But that key doesn't exist on PC keyboard today. So, you can bind it to F5 for example, or a single key on the number pad.If you don't know how to set keys, see: Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts.

Why Are High-Heels Sexy?

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wikipedia on Combinatory logic

reading Combinatory logic. Quite lousy a article.When a subject matter is esoteric, such as this, especially programing related article, typically the Wikipedia article is a hodgepodge of terms and concepts. It's like, one student added one sentence here, another student adds another term there. Nobody really understands the subject as a whole, and have zero understanding of the field's context, development, and place in ontology, but they just add and edit stuff piecemeal.Usually, you can't say one specific sentence or place is wrong, but the whole thing together is incoherent incomprehensible crap. Though, it does get better over the years.

#Feminism #Sexism #Asia #Culture

US Americans don't know this, because they are bleeding-heart idiots.i was just watching YouTube of a recording of a Chinese Taiwan TV show.then, a guest songstress describes how women are like snow. Beautiful, pure, yet fragile, needs protection, etc. The video is this: 龍兄虎弟 張菲+費玉清+張清芳 at 3:05.Note: it's not some political remark. She's a singer as a guest in a variety show (mostly a mix of comedy and live singing), and in this particular episode they are singing love songs that have snow/winter in the lyrics/theme. During the chat, the conversation went to snow. In US, such a remark about women being fragile or needs protection would be lol. It'd generate a flurry of protests or boycotts about sexism or stereotype etc fuck.if you are American, you really should get out more. I mean, like go live in Asia for a while. You get to, really learn different US, everyday is justice, rights, obsessions, everywhere, in every TV show, every movie. You grew up with it…

Google and Wikipedia SOPA Blackout: Lame!

So, today both Wikipedia and Google blackedout.Wikipedia's sopa blackout is only javascript based. Turn off javascript, and it function normally. Not sure what to say. I feel like being cheated.Google's blackout is also lame.Here's Xah View.Putting a link isn't putting money where your mouth is. Putting a link is lip service. If google actually blacked out, like, shut down their entire sites and services including g+ for a day (not counting any services that possibly could harm safety of earth) (i.e. no revenue for a day), then, that'd REALLY gain awe from more at

Think Twice Before You Donate to Wikipedia

Perm URL with updates: did donate $2 in 2003-12 when they were small. (User:P0lyglut) That's when the server crashes due to traffic and they needed it and they were not well known. Today, Wikipedia is a very rich and big org. Jimmy Whales is very rich. (as reported and “proved” by email, one single speaking engagement is 6 digits) By his track record, he isn't particularly a good person. He just “happened” to hit the “collective power” idea at the right time and was one of the guy who helped it.Jim tried to erase the other co-founder; according to online reports and i verified it somewhat. He also ran porn site during the time (his company Bomis), and tried to distance himself away from the word “porn” and replace it with “glamour photography”. He also tried to create a commericial entity to get money out of Wikipedia (Wikia, among others).Wikipedia doesn't need that much money today. Not even sure the money is used prop…

未識綺羅香 (A Poor Girl)

Perm URL with updates: supremely beautiful song and poetry. Title: 貧女 by 秦韬玉 (~882 AD) 蓬門未識綺羅香,擬托良媒益自傷。 誰愛風流高格調,共憐時世儉梳妝。 敢將十指誇針巧,不把雙眉鬥畫長。 苦恨年年壓金線,為他人作嫁衣裳! here's the song with lyrics based on this poem. Title: 未識綺羅香 Date: ? Singer: ? Lyrics: 一方 Music: 梁樂音 蓬門未識綺羅香 托良媒亦自傷 相依有弟妹 生小失爹娘 妝成誰惜嬌模樣 啊∼ 碧玉年華芳春時節 啊∼啊∼空自迴腸 夢回何處是家鄉 有浮雲掩月光 問誰憐弱質 幽怨託清商 舞袖歌扇增惆悵 啊∼ 碧玉年華芳春時節 啊∼啊∼空自迴腸 夢回何處是家鄉 有浮雲掩月光 問誰憐弱質 幽 怨託清商 舞袖歌扇增惆悵 啊∼ 隨風飄萍頻年壓線 空自淒涼 隨風飄萍頻年壓線 空自淒涼 Here's video of this song sung by 张清芳 (b1966) and 費玉清 (Fei Yu-ching) (b1955)«1994-10-01 龍兄虎弟» Sung by 張清芳, 費玉清. Songs: 燃燒一瞬間, 阮不知啦, 送君珠淚滴, 晚風, 未識綺羅香, 傷心酒店. This song starts at 9:10The show is 龍兄虎弟 (電視節目), which is a variety show in Taiwan, mostly featuring live singing and comedy. This series ran in the 1990s.all other songs in the video are great. 阮不知啦 作詞:陳達儒 作曲:吳成家 date: 1938 彼時約束啊 雙人無失信 近來言語啊 煞來無信憑 冷淡態度 親像無要無緊 你敢是 你敢不是找著新愛人 啊~ 阮不知啦 阮不知啦 總無放舊去找新 近來講話啊 大聲小聲應 春情戀夢啊 漸漸變無親 不明不白 因何僥心反面 你敢是 你敢不是找著新愛人 啊~…

Poetry; Brevity of a Woman's Life

Perm URL with updates:, women. So short a i was just watching some YouTube videos of Taiwan TV shows of 1990s. There's this lady singing live, recorded in 1994. I marveled at her beauty. A tumble on YouTube showed another episode of the same TV show, featuring the same lady as guest, but few years later. I wanted to marvel of the same marvel, but alas, little attraction is to be found.women, at 20, and at 30, is a big difference.though, the decorum of society is never to utter this. Because, it'd be crass. Rather, you can say it by, i shall, witness, this eternal one:To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell (1621‒1678) To His Coy Mistress Had we but world enough, and time, This coyness, Lady, were no crime We would sit down and think which way To walk and pass our long love's day. Thou by the Indian Ganges' side Shouldst rubies find: I by the tide Of Humber would complain. I would Love you ten years b…

Art: Leda and the Swan, by Marcel Bouraine

Leda and the Swan by Marcel Bourainemore at Art: Leda and the Swan ₁

emacs page on g+, today's tip: hotkeys

i started a g+ emacs stream at . You might want to join. Here's today's emacs, once you got on the train and know all the basic concepts, there's 1 most important aspect of increasing efficiency. That is, keyboard shorts (keybindings).emacs has 3k commands out of the box. Everything is a command, including when you type “a” (self-insert-command). For most frequently used commands, there's a key assigned for default emacs has 1.3k keybindings!If we take away ancient impractical ones (for obsolete lisp keyboards), there are few hundred keybindings that are actually useful. Most of us probably use around a hundred or 2.ok. what i want to say is that for daily operation, assiging keys to commands is probably the most useful in creasing your productivity. Emacs is too big. Everyone has different set of commands that each use frequently. So, if you find yourself typing Meta+x to call a particular command often in…

What's the Difference Between Hacker and Tech Geeker?

Perm URL with updates: short, a tech geeker is a hacker who is completely ignorant of social give some example using programing celebrities: Richard Stallman (RMS), Paul Graham, Jamie W Zawinski (JWZ), Eric S Raymond (ESR), Michael DeGusta, Kent Pitman, are hackers, but they are not tech geekers, because they have done things that require significant involvement with society (e.g. started company or organization), even if their stance is extreme (compare to politicians: actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Regan, silver-spoon scumbag George W Bush.).in contrast, vast majority of elite coders who slave on comp.lang newsgroups, are tech geekers.What's some example of tech geeker who are famous? I think Tom Christiansen, Linus Torvalds, Rob Pike, Dennis Ritchie, are good examples.of course, in general, i despise hackers and tech geekers, with rare exceptions (e.g. i like Jamie Zawinski, Michael DeGusta, …

Industrial Music + Scifi/Fantasy: Apple Tree: Glitch Mob

Perm URL with updates: min of electronic dance music (dubstep) made of ~700 clips of from 276 scifi/fantasy movies, each clip 1 second or so.fantastic collage.“The Apple Tree Feat. The Glitch Mob” (Khameleon808 2011-10-03) The music is from The Glitch Mob.Go to YouTube to see the list of movies used in order of appearance. The author also describes in detail the song names, software used. And the editing took ~200 hours! I can believe it!Here's the list of movies, and number of clips used. (alphabetical) 5 10,000 BC 2 1408 6 2012 9 28 Weeks Later 7 30 Days of Night 10 300 9 A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Alice In Wonderland 3 Amelia 7 An American Haunting 4 AntiChrist 3 Apocalypto 2 Ashes of Time 6 Avatar 5 Batman Begins 1 Battle for Terra 3 Beastly 2 Beowulf 5 Bermuda 1 Bitch Slap 3 Bitchslap 1 Body of Lies 1 Book of Blood 4 Book of Eli 1 Boondock Saints 2 5 Bourne Ultimat…

List Matching Lines in Emacs

learned 2 new commands from a emacs hacker friend Jon Snader (jcs): multi-occur and multi-occur-in-matching-buffers.See his blog about several ways of listing matching lines:Working With Matching Lines In Emacs (2012-01-15) By Jon Snader. @ Source irreal.orgthere, he covered several ways to list matching lines in current buffer or existing buffers.if you are new to emacs, you might think “i'll just call unix grep; one less thing to learn”. Actually, the emacs commands are much more convenient. I use them several times everyday for past years.if you want to know the ways to find matching lines in files (as opposed to already opened files), see also: Emacs: Searching for Text in Files (grep, find).

love + lyrics: the night breeze carries our dreams

folks, it's, lyrics appreciation time!A serenely beautiful song, sung by Sally Yeh (葉蒨文) (b1961). “葉蒨文 - 晚風”. (standard Chinese) Title: 晚风 (Night Breeze) Date: 1984 Singer: 葉蒨文 (Sally Yeh) Lyrics: 黃霑 (Wong Jim) Music: 黃霑 (Wong Jim) English translation: 李杀 (Xah Lee) 晚風中 有你我的夢 風中借來一點時間緊緊擁 擁的那個夢 像一陣風 像一陣風 悠悠愛在風中輕輕送 我心的愛 是否你心的夢 可否借一條橋讓我們相通 在這借來的橋中 明天的我 明天的你 會不會再像那天相擁 今晚的風 和明天的夢 到底在你心裡有多少影蹤 是否這個晚上 借來時間 借來晚風 把我的愛送到你心中 the night breeze carries our dreams stealing a moment, for a tight embracement my dream rides this breeze gently sending scents of love that which i yearn, is it which you dream may we borrow a bridge, to connect us on this bridge, is my tomorrow, and your tomorrow will us be together, like that moment in the breeze tonight's breeze, and tomorrow's dream how much of it remains in your heart may i borrow time, and borrow the breeze tonight to deliver my love to you for Cantonese version, and other info, see:林子祥 & 葉蒨文 -…

Machine Generated Spam

Perm URL with updates: this creative spam today in my blog comment. The bold parts are links to sites:I truly get laid this communicate post! this mark is so capital gratify bind with the treatments that affirm ill-defined benefits and forbear your mental state in aim as I modulation pretty surely they have a function to humor and you whitethorn just want them is now a performing artist who picks up the ballock deep, a actor who runs about like a unintelligent chicken, a player who just isn’t real good just isn’t that grapheme of player. Torres was a musician who latches onto finished balls, turns defenders indoors out and leaves property halves for exsanguinous I have seen him chase back into center positions to make up one's mind and winnings the baseball game back, which he likely thoughtful in the first set out garnet hill coupons match conk lets him down; when you regard the act of first-class positions he can get himself int…

Ashton Kutcher = Forrest Gump

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SOPA: Stop or Start Online Piracy Act?

Perm URL with updates: most of your know, there's a law coming to US, called SOPA: Stop Online Piracy probably heard it online a million times. And i bet you probably read a million words from tech geekers all opposing it. The bottom line sentiment for online crowd like us is this: if SOPA passed, we will no longer get free movies and software from pirate sites, therefore we must stop it.if you are not a idiot, and is actually concerned about the welfare of human animals other than yourself, then perhaps you should take some time to read facts about what it really is. You may start at Wikipedia: SOPA.what's my opinion? I think i'm rather against it. Because, in short:① it's mainly concerned about copyright, in particular, the rights of USA American's work. This i oppose. Because, Copyright years are already too long. It benefits mostly headless mega-billion-dollar corporations. The very very rich execut…