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Xah Offend Show

Perm URL with updates: Offend Showfor US American Audience.ok, am creating a “Xah Offend Show” stream. So that, norps (a term i just learned; thanks to the internet age!) don't have to be offended. While those depraved, can enjoy the show fully, and i would be relieved of fearing offending friends.haven't decided what the name will be. Am thinking “Xah Offends” or “Xah Offend Show”. What do you think?the new g+ stream (possibly with a dedicated twitter and blogger account) will host all the usual sensitive materials from my mouth; of topics such as {politics, religion, sex}, and in the streak of Xah mind, the analysis and dissection of young girls (but only the attractive young white female ones will i be concerned with, just like American!).actually, i've been struggling whether my writings and thoughts should be subjected to such segregation.In my mind, such is a ingratiating move, a mellowing of truth, lessen…

Emacs on G+ is Useful!

Google+ is actually quite useful. Blogs is going the ways of dinosaur. In social networks, you can write, interact with people, immediately, post pictures, hangout (real-time text chat, voice chat, video chat). And it's all much easier than running a blog. If you follow web tech communities (e.g. TechCrunch, etc.), you know that death of blogs have been written on the wall for a few years. With few exceptions, such as professional blogger. (for a fun intro of g+, see: What is Google Plus and Google+ Songs (humor).)Anyway, i wanted to say that running a emacs page on g+ have already been useful to me, even just after a few days. I learned emacs tips. Here's today's post.Some slightly advanced emacs tips.① I just learned about Keyboard Macro Ring today after 10+ years emacs using. (Thanks to Jorge A Alfaro Murillo.)② A info doc node in emacs can be referenced by a elisp expression. For example: (info "(emacs) Keyboard Macro Ring"). Put cursor at end of paren then c…

math: Zonohedrons, by Russell Towle.

zonohedrons by Russell Towle. img srcZonohedrons, by Russell Towle.Perm URL with updates: Russell Towle Died (1949‒2008)

web dev: border for images inside link

As of 2012-01-25, images inside link are not rendered with border now. So, you don't have to add CSS such as a.img {border:none}. This is true for {Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari}, except Internet Explorer 9. LOL.Test your browser at

Xah Lee Online Feeds

For Twitter users, now all my emacs related tweets will be from @ErgoEmacs. This way, those who just want emacs tips can stay focused.For Google+ users, you might join g+ emacs page. There, i post one or two short emacs tip a day.For a complete list of feeds of available topics, please see: Subscribe to Site Feed.Thank you very much for reading!

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Gorgeous Chinese Dragon relief

Be sure to click on big image link to view in full screen.Chinese Dragon relief. At Fuzhou, Fujian, China. (旗山萬佛寺, 福州, 福建, 中國). Photo by Source a short description of Chinese dragon, see: