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Chinese Pop Music 齊豫 - 祝福 (Blessing)

Perm URL with updates:祝福 (Blessing) is a song sung by 齊豫, written by 李泰祥.齊豫 - 祝福 快给我一束新鲜芬芳的黄玫瑰 用翠绿色的凤尾草围绕 再系上金色花边的彩带 把这束黄玫瑰送给我心爱的人 她披着白色的头纱 要和她幸运的伴侣走进礼堂 走进礼堂 要和她幸运的伴侣 走进礼堂 呜.. 走进礼堂 让黄玫瑰带着我的祝福 轻吻她白纱的胸膛 黄玫瑰伴着我的爱心 黄玫瑰被她紧紧的拥抱 紧紧拥抱 黄玫瑰被她紧紧的拥抱 呜 紧紧拥抱 走进礼堂 让黄玫瑰增添她的娇媚 看她笑得多么幸福 只是别让她看到 无意间滴落在黄玫瑰上的露珠 无意间滴落在黄玫瑰上的露珠 呜 点点露珠

Common Lisp Sucks

Perm URL with updates: collection of negative quotes on Common Lisp. This is originally collected in a post to comp.lang.lisp newsgroup by “WJ” 〔w_a_x_…〕 @ Source Guy L SteeleGuy L. Steele, Jr.'s foreword in Scheme and the Art of Programming.I think we may usefully compare the approximate number of pages in the defining standard or draft standard for several programming languages: Common Lisp 1000 or more COBOL 810 ATLAS 790 Fortran 77 430 PL/I 420 BASIC 360 ADA 340 Fortran 8x 300 C 220 Pascal 120 DIBOL 90 Scheme 50Scheme and the Art of Programming1989-10-30 By George Springer, Daniel P Friedman. @ amazonRodney A Brooks, Richard P GabrielEvery decision of the committee can be locally rationalized as the right thing. We believe that the sum of these decisions, however, has produced …

What do Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, say about Dart?

Perm URL with updates:'s Dart in a nutshell?Javascript in Java syntax and semantics. What do Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, say about Dart?As of 2012-05-11, no web browser plans to support Google's Dart except Google's Chrome.Microsoft's JavaScript team has stated that:“Some examples, like Dart, portend that JavaScript has fundamental flaws and to support these scenarios requires a ‘clean break’ from JavaScript in both syntax and runtime. We disagree with this point of view.”Evolving ECMAScript2011-11-22 By Microsoft JavaScript Team (Shanku Niyogi, Amanda Silver, John Montgomery, Luke Hoban, Steve Lucco) @ Source blogs.msdn.comApple's Oliver Hunt of WebKit (engine for Safari and Google Chrome) says:What is the benefit to the project in exposing an additional (non standardized) language to the web? All the bindings that webkit currently provides to are either standardized EcmaScript or platform specific bindin…

politician Peter Camejo died in 2008

while updating the page The 2003 California GUBERNATORIAL thing RECALL (NSFW), discovered that Peter Camejo died in 2008.

iMac Girl, 1999

picture removed due to Google AdSense policies. Visit here to view: Geek Humor: iMac Girl

feature differences of Keyboard macro/driver tools

Perm URL with updates: tools have different features and purposes. Here's a list of possible features. Most tools can do only SOME of the following:Swap, disable, or reassign modifier keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, Caps Lock, Win keys.Define key to launch a file (launch app, run script, or just open file).Define key to insert text, such as your today's date, your address, or your signature.Define keys to insert math symbols or unicode symbols. e.g. ©°§αβDefine key to act as if pressing other key, key combo, key sequence. (e.g. press F8 for 【Alt+Tab】)Define actions for special keyboard keys, such as those multimedia keys, volumn control, sleep, app keys.Define combination keys, such as 【Ctrl+a】.Define sequential keys, such as 【Alt+Spacea】.Macros. Record & play back a sequence of key strokes or mouse events.For Mac, see: Mac OS X Keyboard Layout, Keymapping, Keybinding, Tools.For emacs, see: Emacs: How to Define Ke…

emacs lisp tutorial updates 2012-05-10

updated: Creating a Sitemap with Emacs Lispupdated: Generate a Web Links Report with Emacs LispJon Snader has been systematically proof-reading my tutorial in past months, and providing many corrections and feedbacks. A big thank you to Jon. He is a expert in Common Lisp, Scheme Lisp, and Emacs Lisp as well, and frequently write about many interesting coding puzzles. See his blog here:

Emacs: least favorite feature of ErgoEmacs keybinding?

of those you using ErgoEmacs keybinding, what's your favorite and least favorite feature/bug?

Emacs: Change Cursor Shape and Highlight Current Line

You can change your cursor shape to a box or i-beam. Put the following in your emacs init file:;; change cursor shape (setq cursor-type 'box) (setq cursor-type 'bar) (blink-cursor-mode 1) ;; highlight current line (global-hl-line-mode 1) Note: on Windows, if you have Microsoft Speech Recognization on, or Screen Magnifier, then, cursor will be i-beam, and setting “cursor-type” has no effect.See also: How to Set Emacs's User Interface to Modern Conventions.

Great Apps on Windows

here's my apps on Windows machine.xah apps on windows 2012-05-08This isn't exhaustive list of install software. Though, it contains all apps i use daily.Daily: emacs, cygwin, Google Chrome, Firefox, IrfanView, Safari, Opera, Skype.Weekly: GIMP, iTune, Mathematica, VirtualBox, Firestorm/Phoenix (Second Life), Inkscape, Google Earth, Picasa, ThunderbirdJust noticed a Walmart Photo Center there. lol. That's one of those bundled bloat-ware which somehow escaped my notice. Going to trash now. Also, note that ComboFix.exe. It is supposed to be a rootkit remover, but i haven't research enough to be sure it's safe to run. It is there temporarily.List of Great Software for Windows and Mac

Bash Context-Dependent Color Prompt

Perm URL with updates: your bash prompt be colored and context dependent? like, showing you which git branch you are in?Bash context-dependent color promptBash provided a PROMPT_COMMAND hook, that lets you call {shell, perl, python, ruby, …} script to specify your prompt. So, your prompt can show all sort of info and color.Geologist and Googler Kurt Schwehr shows you how.Bash color prompt2012-05-07 By Kurt Schwehr. @ Source schwehr.orgEmacs Shell Tutorial (Bash, cmd.exe, PowerShell)Unix Shell Text Processing Tutorial: grep, cat, awk, sort, uniq, find, xargs, …How to rsync, unison, wget, curl

SourceForge founder Timothy Perdue Died

learned today, that a early figure of PHP coder Timothy Dean Perdue (1974 〜 2011), died, of cancer. He was a founder in {,,}.On Losing A Pioneer2011-09-20 By Gforge Group's Weblog. @ Source gforgegroup.wordpress.comEarly SourceForge Developer Tim Perdue Passes Away2011-09-18 By Posted Jake Ludington. @ Source Founder Passes Away, Leaves Indelible FLOSS Legacy2011-10-11 By Phpbuilder Staff. @ Source www.phpbuilder.comTimothy Dean Perdue Source www.hamiltonsfuneralhome.comI remember him only because i cited one of his article that criticizes MySQL back in 2002: The Unix Pestilence: MySql.that's the old days. When MySQL was the rage flying about on slashdot, similar to today how stuff fly in hackernews, reddit, etc. Today it's NoSQL. Does anyone remember that XML is the future and there should be pure XML databases or OOP databases?Here's photos of him and his family Source t…

Xah Lee programing article updates 2012-05-07

Google HTML/CSS Style Guide

Perm URL with updates: now has a coding style guide for HTML/CSS, at Source google-styleguide.googlecode.comi learned a few interesting things.Omitting Protocols in LinksGoogle suggest omitting protocols in links that are HTTP/HTTPS. Example:<!-- Not recommended --> <scriptsrc=""></script> <!-- Recommended --> <scriptsrc="//"></script> Source google-styleguide.googlecode.comGoogle says:Omitting the protocol—which makes the URL relative—prevents mixed content issues…Google didn't specifically say if this is from the new HTML5 spec. Or, perhaps, it's a obscure feature of URI spec. (anyone knows?)HTML5's Short charset Meta TagThe charset meta tag can be shortened. Following is HTML4 syntax:<!-- HTML 4 --> <metahttp-equiv="content-type"content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> follow…