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Architectural Beauty: El Jadida Cistern


emacs 24 feature: electric-pair-mode

Perm URL with updates: minor mode electric-pair-mode. When on, typing any left bracket automatically insert the right matching bracket. Brackets includes the ASCII ones: "double" 'single' () {} [], but also any unicode ones: «» ‹› “curly” ‘single’ 「」 『』 〈〉 《》 〔〕 【】…. (➲ Matching Brackets in Unicode)Deleting one bracket doesn't delete the other. (If you want that, install autopairs package. (➲ A Guide on Emacs Package System))Exactly which brackets are auto-closed depends on the current major mode's syntax table. (You can call describe-syntax to see current syntax table. (info "(elisp) Syntax Tables"))If you always want certain brackets be inserted in pairs, you can customize the variable “electric-pair-pairs”. Its value should be a Association List (i.e. a list of cons pairs. (info "(elisp) Association Lists")).For example, the curly bracket {} isn't auto-closed when i…

Controversy of Common Lisp Package in Emacs Lisp

Perm URL with updates: you emacs lisp coders, there's controversy in using the cl package (require 'cl). This page is my introduction about the issue, with opinions from emacs developers.First, here's what the official manual (info "(cl) Top") says about it: *Please note:* the "CL" functions are not standard parts of the Emacs Lisp name space, so it is legitimate for users to define them with other, conflicting meanings. To avoid conflicting with those user activities, we have a policy that packages installed in Emacs must not load "CL" at run time. (It is ok for them to load "CL" at compile time only, with `eval-when-compile', and use the macros it provides.) If you are writing packages that you plan to distribute and invite widespread use for, you might want to observe the same rule. What that means is this: don't use (require 'cl) in your package. But if …

quality hand toy for RSI, emacs users

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