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Emacs Defect. file-relative-name fail on some MS Windows Styled Path

file-relative-name doesn't work on MS Windows style path when the drive letter is capitalized. (file-relative-name "C:/Users/web/xyz.html""C:/Users/web/") ; returns "C:/Users/web/xyz.html" (file-relative-name "c:/Users/web/xyz.html""c:/Users/web/") ; returns "xyz.html" (file-relative-name "/Users/web/xyz.html""/Users/web/") ; returns "xyz.html" GNU Emacs 24.1.1 (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601) of 2012-06-10 on MARVINPerm URL with updates:

Emacs Commpand to Copy Rectangle to Clipboard

Here's a command to copy a column of text to clipboard. (defuncopy-rectangle-to-clipboard (p1 p2) "Copy region as column (rectangle) to operating system's clipboard. This command will also put the text in register 0. (see: `copy-to-register')" (interactive "r") (let ((x-select-enable-clipboard t)) (copy-rectangle-to-register ?0 p1 p2) (kill-new (with-temp-buffer (insert-register ?0) (buffer-string) )) ) ) See also: Emacs: Manipulate Column Text, string-rectangle, ASCII-Art

Microsoft Classified FSF Donation site as Gambling

There's this piece of news going around:How Microsoft Threat Management Gateway Classifies (self.gnu)2012-06-15 By Rebbsitor. @ Source www.reddit.comIn summery, a Microsoft security site “Microsoft Reputation Services” classified Free Software Foundation's donation site 〔〕 as in the “gambling” category. (but also {Technical Information, Shareware/Freeware})This means, corporations using Microsoft's services will automatically block visiting such site. More about this is has been written by FSF:Dear Microsoft: is not a “gambling site”2012-06-22 By Posted John Sullivan. @ Source www.fsf.orgI was curious about what Microsoft thought of my website is classified by Microsoft as {Pornography, Blogs/Wiki, Shareware/Freeware}. See: LOL. It appears, their service is quite off.Here's a correction i submitted to their site:hi, your service classified my …