laser mouse is inferior to optical mouse!

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Both optical and laser mouse use light technology.

  • Optical mouse uses LED, while laser uses laser.
  • Optical is earlier tech, laser is more “advanced” tech.
  • Optical mouse has a big red light at bottom. Laser ones are invisible.
  • Laser tech can track on more surfaces, such as on glass, and with higher frequency.
  • Laser mouse jitters when you lift the mouse, optical doesn't.

For gamers, laser mouse may actually be worse.

Here's a simple test you can do.

Lift your mouse slowly up, but try not to move the mouse.

  • If you are using a laser mouse, you'll see that the pointer jitters.
  • If you are using a optical LED mouse, the pointer does not move.

A even more spectacular test is just to pick up your mouse and stick your finger in the laser hole. You'll see your pointer jitters randomly, yet your finger is absolutely still.

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