The Unfortunate Fate of Music MIDI File

MIDI is really a great tech, but unfortunately, it never picked up in computer.

MIDI is tiny in size, especially great for piano music. For example, a 5 minute piano piece is only 11k bytes.

10 years ago, i'd expect by now that on each computer we have high quality sampled sound library for MIDI, so that perhaps just a 100 mega bytes you'd have entire collection of piano music in history, recorded by professionals. Not so.

Today, on the web, MIDI isn't supported in html5 audio. 〔☛ HTML5 Audio Tag Example〕 〔☛ HTML5 Tags〕 And it won't play on Linux by default.

Here's entire collection of Bach's 〈Well Tempered Clavier〉, just 529k. Music: MIDI Collection of Bach 🎶

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