Emacs Projects Proposal: Language Aware Modes for Emacs Lisp, HTML5, CSS

remember, am proposing several emacs projects.

the HTML5 mode, and emacs lisp mode, and CSS mode, are going to be semantic unit based editor. That is, any keystroke you type, work on the semantic unit of the language. So, it is IMPOSSIBLE to create invalid syntax when you use the mode.

also, a new idea is that it'll completely eliminate any form of manual formatting. You NEVER need to press Tab ↹ or Space or Return ↩ for the sake of aligning your code to make it pretty. NEVER. Instead, you press a button, then the current code block is automatically formatted, in a standard convention or in a preference you set up. Another button format the entire buffer, etc.

another “new” idea, is that these modes's coloring are “mostly” keyword based. That means, if it's colored in a particular way, you know for sure it's a particular type or word of the language. If it is not colored, you know for sure it's not a core language keyword, or that you had a typo. In other words, the coloring are tied to semantics of the core language, not in other aspect of “helping you code”. This feature is already done in HTML, CSS, emacs lisp, modes, but need to polish details (such as possibly not coloring inside comment or string).

There will be complete support for keyword or form completion. So, working in a lang, any form or structure of the language are inserted automatically as you type or call a command. I aim for a complete system, and aim to not rely on yasnippet mode or auto-complete-mode.

Your help is appreciated. Please support here: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/19973. Vote for the one you want the most. But, if i get funding, it's likely i'll have at least 3 of the projects done reasonably well.

My video presentation isn't well done, as i'm not skilled and well prepared in making video presentation. I hope you support it, and tell it to friends.

My yearly income from 2005 to now is about 2 thousand dollars per year. And, this year, my brother stopped supporting me, so am in a emergency situation for survival. Need to come up with $1500 per month, and job hunting hasn't been smooth. (i sold my car 2 years ago, dried my 401k savings 2 years ago, i live on a $3 food per day, and i haven't seen a doctor for a decade. I'm about as good as the homeless on the street.)

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