lisp cult

i damn hate the lispers, in particular, old Common Lispers. Sputtering scientifically baseless shit.

programing lang communities need more science. Not lore, convention, cult dogma.

it is incredible, that lisp monotonic syntax is a problem seen by all non-lispers and expert lispers, but the lisp cult insists no problem.

then, lispers sing macros, but none ever seen Mathematica pattern matching.

lisper insists regular nested paren, data is code shit, yet when u point out it's not regular, they say it's ok.

while, lispers don't seem to see the XML, Mathematica, both have more regular nested syntax, and code is data too.

it's helpless, because years after year, the cult cultivates untruth. Thoughts are ingrained. like religion.

that concludes my Sunday spam

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