Will #lgbt and Feminism Become Passé?

recently i realized, the #lgbt (lesbian gay bisexual transsexual) kinda stuff is not going to end. Actually, lgbt will come to pass sooner or later, but women's jostling for power with men is not going to end, which once known as feminism.

this is because, tech will not cease advancing, making muscle not necessary, and women will continue to hitch a ride in the power ladder.

the #lgbt kinda thing that's so hot in recent years, will pass as zeitgeist, however. Because, gay and the tranny stuff is only a minuscule percentage of human animals. Currently, gay borrows tranny for a ride, and feminism borrows lgbt for a ride. Gay and Tranny stuff can't last.

but female's struggle for more power, will not cease, because, women, the half of human animal, doesn't have inherent sexual difference from men in hunger for power. The fashionable terms may change, but essentially #feminism will keep going for a decade, 2 decades, 10 decades...

sex will become just a pure pleasurable activity, evermore. At some point in the future, marriage will disintegrate as well. The gay marriage today paved the way.

but what about our genes? i.e. females being feminine and male being masculine, in the genes? our genes don't change over night. So i suppose in the next hundreds of years, most women will still be into womanly things, soft, gentle, benign, submissive, and same with man with power, aggression, ruthlessness. These will not change, and they will forever be the big conflict for women's power struggle in sex politics.

what about Asian countries? where men and women are ok with what we are? humm…, am not sure what'd happen there. Feminism's been around heavy and strong in western countries in past decades, but they don't seem to have changed Asian much.

See also: Why Did Feminism Arise?.

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