♥ Ryan Dahl, mathematician turned programer ♥

been wanting to write this for a while. The node.js creator, Ryan Dahl, i really like. He's a mathematician originally, doing his phd. (i forgot exactly what topic, anyone? algebraic topology or something)

Anyway, i've watched about 5 of his video presentations over the past year year, and read several of his article, opinions on languages and software, and studied his creation node.js.

i really like this guy. This guy, his opinions, are somewhat controversial. But, i find that, his thinking, and views on software, is quite in sync with mine.

i think possibly this is because we are both math guys first. He's never took any computer course. Nor i.

i don't speak for all math guys, but, for me, coming to programing, most of it is pure complex garbage. The coders, in particular unix, perl, python, they don't know what they are talking about. Different ideas are extremely hard to get to them, as i've written few thousand articles on various aspects. 〔☛ Computing & its People

also, note that, mathematicians don't think alive themselves. In fact, there are also camps of extreme opposite styles who don't like the other.

Python creator, Guido, is also a mathematician (don't know exactly to what extent. If he simply has a math digree, that kinda doesn't count.). But, i think he may be a coder before he is a mathematician. His thoughts on computing, stabs mine in every way.

Knuth is a mathematician. Though, i didn't like his thoughts much.


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