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Angry Birds on the Plane

there's a dude sitting besides me on the airplane, playing Angry Birds on iPad. All of a sudden, he shouts: “i've got 2 bombs, go to hell you stupid pigs”. I jumped, and all other passengers wet their pants.飞机上有个二逼坐我旁边用iPad玩愤怒的小鸟,玩着玩着突然激动地大吼一声:“我有两个炸弹!都他妈死吧蠢猪们!”当时吓了我一大跳…… 那天飞机上的其他乘客也都吓尿了...... (from xie107)

Hacker News Hit Traffic Effect

Hacker News Hit Traffic Effectyesterday's Hacker News hit, 5.5k visits. 〔〕 Last time in April hit is 4.5k visits. 〔〕 About 50% are using Google Chrome. 26% Firefox. 8% IE.

Remember the Windows Monopoly?

Remember the “Windows Monopoly?” Yeah, That Was a ThingBill Gates - United States vs Microsoft, 1998Read:On Microsoft HatredWhat is Monopoly? Apple or Google or Microsoft?The Microsoft Hatred FAQMicrosoft Hatred & Godrun and go buy: Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell.

BlackBerry Tablet Browser Sucks: CSS rel attribute match support

amazing, in this day of age, the BlackBerry tablet doesn't support this CSS:a[rel="next"]:before {content:"▶ ";font-size:2ex} a[rel="up"]:before {content:"▲ ";font-size:2ex} a[rel="previous"]:before {content:"◀ ";font-size:2ex}the CSS above is supposed to match navigation links such as this:<arel="previous"href="a.html">a</a> <arel="up"href="b.html">b</a> <arel="next"href="c.html">c</a>It should marke each nav link with a proper Unicode triangle, like this:nav bar screenshotbut in BlackBerry, all links are marked with ◀.test here: Blackberry Tablet Rel Next Link Css Test〔☛ CSS 2.1 & CSS 3 Selector Syntax〕The browser on BlackBerry's user agent string is:Mozilla/5.0 (PlayBook; U; RIM Tablet OS 2.1.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/536.2+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Safari/536.2+

Modern Hipster Obsession

today, the super popular Oatmeal comics has this piece: 〔The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances - The Oatmeal2013-07-15 By Matthew Inman. @…〕 it's a long one, some 10 pages in 5 the end, he linked to his blog about his toenail falling off. See photo here's strange and pretty sick to look at. Is toenail problems some sort of common problem for marathon runners?it's a enjoyable comic, and inspiring. However, if you are like him, it's call pathetic. Running obsession like that as he does is a symptom of psychological problems, just as body builders or gym goers that he dissed.and, now the Xah American say. In rich countries, such as US, the online hipsters worry about being fat. People do “try-something-new-for-30-days”, people invent foodies, yelp, these hip and well-fed and got-nothing-to-do folks, tries to live a healthy living, wholesome life, tries to help blacks, tries to save …

Unicode Naming: Slash or Solidus

Unicode changed the name of slash “/” to from “SLASH” to “SOLIDUS”. Is this a good name change?here's other slash symbols in Unicode:/⁄∕/⧸⫽⫻\⧵⧹⑊﹨\ See also: Unicode Search: Find Your Symbols

Why's vi's ADM-3A Terminal Chose {H J K L} Keys for Arrows?

you know how the vi keys came from the ADM-3A terminal's keyboard? but do you know why THE KEYBOARD chose {h j k l} instead of say {i j k l}?Answer: hackery.that's the answer for all unix things, btw.See, updated: History of Emacs & vi Keys (Keyboard Influence on Keybinding Design).Emergency vi (vi tutorial)Using Voice to Code Faster than Keyboard 📺Text Editor's Cursor Movement Behavior (emacs, vi, Notepad++)on vi Keybinding vs Emacs KeybindingProgramer Hand Health: vi Esc Key Syndrome

Strange Phenomenon in Chinese Microblogs: Images Instead of Text

中文Weibo有个奇妙的现象。本来限制字数,基其让人话简语重。但,用户开始把长篇大轮以图发出。这一下,一张图是文子码数位大小的百倍,又不能搜索,又不能清楚的字体放大。美国英语Twitter类比较没有这现象。奥妙。There's a curious phenomenon in Chinese Weibo (microblog). That is, normally the character limit is to make user's post dense and focused. However, Chinese people started to use image instead for long Chinese articles. The transmission size of a image is a thousand times greater than text, and it can't be searched, nor resized clearly. Strangely, English microblogs such as twitter haven't developed this phenomenon.