The Death of Perl, UML, Design Patterns, eXtreme Programming

there are few things am rather happy in my programing career.

  • the death of Perl.
  • death of UML, eXtreme Programing, Design Patterns.
  • death of Sun Microsystems.

those are scums lying thru their teeth.

am looking forward to the death of Agile, MySQL, Apache.

Apache is experiencing slow death by nginx, node.js. 〔☛ Tech Humor: Apache vs Node.js vs NGINX 📺〕 MySQL is getting killed by Oracle — how ironic. Agile is a lingering mutation of eXtreme Programing. 〔☛ EXtreme Programing and Agile Voodoo

Justice — feels good.


how much you'll get for writing a programing book?

how much you'll get for writing a programing book?

maybe $2 per book, and if you are successful, you might sell 4k copies.

how long does it take to write it? half a year to a year or more, full time work.



lady justice kissing lady liberty

gay marriage ruling cartoon by Nate Beeler 2013-06-26
gay marriage ruling cartoon by Nate Beeler . img src

Lady Justice (Latin: Iustitia, the Roman goddess of Justice, who is equivalent to the Greek goddess Dike) is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems.

In ancient Greek culture, Dikē (Greek: Δίκη, English translation: “justice”) was the spirit of moral order and fair judgement based on immemorial custom, in the sense of socially enforced norms and conventional rules. According to Hesiod (Theogony, l. 901), she was fathered by Zeus upon his second consort, Themis.

The sculptures of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia have as their unifying iconographical conception the dikē of Zeus, and in poetry she is often the attendant (paredros) of Zeus. In the philosophical climate of late 5th century Athens, dikē could be anthropomorphised as a goddess of moral justice. She was one of the three second-generation Horae, along with Eunomia (“order”) and Eirene (“peace”):

Dike (mythology)