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Wolfram Language and Lisp, Clojure

every developer should buy a copy of Mathematica, because it will expand their mind. —Rich Hickey (clojure inventor)Wolfram language is on the news recently.〔Something Very Big Is Coming: Our Most Important Technology Project Yet2013-11-13 By Stephen Wolfram. @…〕〔Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) on Every Raspberry Pi2013-11-21 By Stephen Wolfram. @…〕Mathematica is very similar to lisp. Every concept of lisp has a counter-part in Mathematica. Symbols, atoms, read/eval/print loop, symbol properties, nested expression (sexp and Homoiconicity), macros (in M it's far more advanced, called pattern matching (but Haskell and Ocaml's Pattern Matching not like M, because M work on symbols, as do lisp macros)), even package system is akin to Common Lisp.if you want to get a sense of what the lang is like, watch this video:Kovas Boguta — session — Clojure NYC Meetup 20120516. From Tom Hickey, 2012Mathematica part start at 5:50 …