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emacs moving to git, we hope!

ground-breaking news. It seems, emacs repo would move to git in the near future.thanks to, the controversial head Eric S Raymond. See the thread here: time i dip into emacs dev list, it pains me to see the utter inefficiency and arguments there. Everybody argues. Argue, and argue, philosophy waxing, and argue, and you see one hundred weird utterly stupid wild ideas (excuse me) on everything, from dinosaurs of the 1980s insisting their ways, to clueless FSF fanatics who haven't wrote a single line of code but is gung-ho about emacs. In between is every cock who think only he knows how things should be, meanwhile, those who have written respected software or contributed tons of elisp, are treated just like nobody — a complete egalitarian dystopia.emacs, sucks the weirdos of the world. Count me in.On this, we must also thank John Wiegley, who daringly and humbly pushed for git 9 months ago. See http://lists.gnu…

Mac OS X File Resource Fork Changes

Mac OS X 10.7 (released in 2011) deprecated the command line syntax to access file resource fork. Before, you do ls -l filename/rsrc but that no longer works. The new syntax is ls -l filename/..namedfork/rsrc.see Mac OS X Resource Fork and Command Line Tipsthanks to Marius Piedallu van Wyk

linux: show files opened by apps

some quick tips about viewing files associated with process.lsof -h → show a short help filelsof fpath → show all associated with file fpathlsof -i → list files associated with internet (⁖ browser process)lsof -u name → login/uidlsof -p pid → pid. 123,^456lsof +d dir → by dir path dirlsof +D dir → by dir path dir, also show all dir's childrenlsof -c cmd → show files opened by command whose name starts with cmd

web hosting service with virtual machine

woot! just activated my digitalocean account. It's a web hosting service using virtual machines. Meaning, you have a whole linux box to yourself, as a dedicated box, with root access. So, you can do anything you want. Ruby, Rails, ngixn, Node.js, anything, or just play with it. They run it on solid state drive.

programing language: closure should be ban'd

slightly updated. Python: Function with State (closure-like)btw, hacker-type of programers will probably object, saying that the techniques on that page isn't “closure”. However, if you consider closure as purpose, then it amounts to a function with state. Python can do real closure, which is a function with a “closed off” variable environment. Will have to write a tutorial on that another day. (if you want to know, a web search should easily find you tutorials on that)see also Python Scope Complexity, Shallow Copy, Deep Copy, Circular List, and the Garbage Underneath Computer Languages“closure” in programing is something i truely despise. Because it creates a complexity level that's voodoo. All it achieves is function with state. First of all, function with state should be avoided. But if you really want, OOP is a systematic way of function with state, use OOP then. Or, in some languages, use the property of a function, such as in lisp or in JavaScript. 〔☛ Emacs Lisp Symbol …