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emacs's “describe-” commands

emacs's “describe-” commandsemacs has describe-function command, and many other that starts with “describe-”. They are in general giving you help or default, there are 2 keys to invoke them, 【F1】 or 【Ctrl+h】. ⁖describe-function → 【Ctrl+hf】describe-function → 【F1f】〔☛ Emacs Keys Overview: How's Emacs Keys Organized?〕here's my own usage, ordered roughly in frequency of use. (with my own keys, plus a few of my own commands)hourly:<menu> h f describe-function <menu> h k describe-key <menu> h 3 man <menu> h 9 lookup-word-definition <menu> h 8 lookup-wikipedia <menu> h 7 lookup-googledaily: <menu> h 4 elisp-index-search <menu> h c describe-char <menu> h m xah-describe-major-mode <menu> h v describe-variable <menu> h e view-echo-area-messages monthly:<menu> h a apropos-command <menu> h l view-lossage <menu> h s describe-s…