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What's the Use of the ▤ Menu/App Key?

Perm URL with updates: ▤ Menu key is just fantastic. Now, in Firefox, you can press 【▤ Menuc】 to copy, and 【▤ Menup】 to paste. Also works in terminal, desktop (file manager) to rename, etc.this is particularly nice when your keyboard has a nice positioned ▤ Menu key. For me, on the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, that's the left space bar.or, you can make your Caps Lock to be the ▤ Menu key.On Linux, use xmodmap. 〔☛ Linux: xmodmap Tutorial ⌨〕.On Mac OS X, use “PCKeyboardHack”. 〔☛ Mac OS X: Keyboard Layout, Keymapping, Keybinding, Software ⌨〕.On Microsoft Windows, use AutoHotkey. 〔☛ Windows Programing: AutoHotkey Example Scripts〕and, of course, in my emacs setup, some 90% of my commands calls are all assigned to a key sequence, starting with the ▤ Menu key. 〔☛ Ergoemacs-vi ModeBanish Key ChordsKeyboard Shortcut Design: Repeatable vs Non-Repeatable Commands and KeysErgoEmacs KeybindingHow to Avoid the Emacs Pinky ProblemBad…