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HTML 5: no need for “type="text/css"” attribute in “style” element

when using the “style” tag in HTML page, you can omit the type="text/css" part. Just write <style>…</style>.

does linux tiling window really suck? a challenge

a coder i respect highly, Yuri Khan, commented on my article about tiling windows.i know at least that Yuri is expert at python and JavaScript, and also a master of keyboard config, like myself. He has commented on my blogs for over a year, and that's how i know. Often, i learn something from him, either something technical in a language, or history, Russian programing keyboard or typing issues, etc.sometimes we disagree. He loves python, i hate python.anyway, he commented on my tiling windows rant on how he finds it useful. (as a lot hackers do. I despise tiling windows, as i despise most hacker's love, such as the The Idiocy of Happy Hacking Keyboard)i updated my tiling windows article, to include a alternative workflow, and i challenge anyone to use it for a week, and see if they still find tiling window or workspace Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, …)if you don't know how to set the keys, just ask me by leaving a comment there.

plane curves, java applet obsolete, need JavaScript

just remembered, that i had a dream few days ago, that the plane curves website at St Andrews University (Scotland) converted their Java curve applet to modern JavaScript. Which is something i've been planning to do for my Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves old rival beats me!

crackpot letters

crackpot letters

John Baez's sample of crackpot letters he received.


now and then i receive them too, i guess because i've been desperate to sell how smart i am on my websites for almost 2 decades now.

it's kinda strange and interesting that there are these people around. Sometimes you wonder if they are sincere or hoaxing, but apparently at least many of them are, as one can easily read tons of literature about UFOs and occult and conspiracy theories. (you can read Wikipedia for days on it.)

i'm a logical person. So, sometimes i give a hard try to read what they have to say, thinking that i'll have a solid analysis of the situation. But, basically it's just bizarre and doesn't make sense. Try to read what John posted and you'll see.

sometimes, some of these people are my readers or fan. So, that puts me in a awkward situation. If i show any hint of displeasure or disbelief, then perhaps i'd jeo…

F9 is for switch to emacs

my F9 is switch to emacs.
my F10 is switch to terminal.
my F8 is switch to Firefox.
my F7 is switch to Google Chrome.

this is superb. you should, too. Tiling window is no good.

for how, and related tips, see:

How to Set Key to Switch to Browser
Computer Keyboard: Increase Productivity Using Function Keys
Computer Keyboard: Using Number Keypad as Function Keys
Programable Keypads: Add Extra Function Keys to Your Keyboard

a typical todo list for part of my day

go thru this, make sure all latest articles are scheduled to tweet
Xah's Programing Blog

go thru this, make sure all latest articles are scheduled to tweet
Xah's Web Dev Blog

• add new linux keyboard articles to
at linux section.

• on this page
Linux: How to Swap Caps Lock & Escape Keys?
make the capslock without kbd tag, in the question section

• review this pgae
Command Line Tool to View Comments in Image Files

• clean up, create archive for
Xah Emacs Blog

• schedule one tweet from

what switch mechanism does Space-cadet Keyboard use?

i learn that, the Symbolics lisp machine's Space-cadet Keyboard uses Honeywell Hall Effect key switch, which is the highest quality key switch.Space-cadet KeyboardAccording to: in 1968, Micro Switch (a division of Honeywell) adapted their Hall effect switch technology to work in keyboards. These switches are among the highest quality ever produced by any keyboard switch company, with reliability being paramount to their design. For increased reliability, there are both 3 pin and 4 pin designs of the switch. The 4 pin are +5, GND and dual open-collector outputs, allowing wired-or of the X, Y keyboard matrix. These switches are naturally bounce-free!The patent itself originates from 1969, but the design is aesthetically very different from the produced switches.The Honeywell Hall Effect switch is most famous on some Symbolics keyboards, as well as the Space-cadet keyboard.Keyfeel: Smooth linear switch, makes Cherry MX Blac…