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browser extension development explained: Google vs Firefox

for Google Chrome, you go to their tutorial, in 20 min, you know how to write one, how to pack it, and have a good overview of the API. Pure JavaScript HTML CSS.for Firefox, there are meta-guide old and new on mozilla blogs, then there are 3 frameworks, one requires to download a SDK that runs python that it asks you to run its random bin/activate fk bash script with instruction about how to untar a tarball, and one is “bootstrap” fk, and another is XUL fk, each fk has their own introduction page, with one thousand links & jargons & guides &warnings & preface & idioms guides. In 1 hour, u still dunno a thing about it.

completely replace emacs one thousand keys, part 2.5

a few months ago, i started to design a keybinding set that completely replaces the entire emacs 1k+ keybinding.i've been using it for a few months now. I want to publish it nicely, but just haven't got to, am just pushing it out as its current state, here:, i'm pushing out in its current chaotic state, hoping some keyboard hackers will pick it up, in case i never use it, you need:is a emacs lisp a keyboard is currently for dvorak. so, if you are not using dvorak, you'll need to remap yourself.the code is not nicely packaged up into a lunchbox. (but, it's not complicated neither. it's very simple)here's a bit detail to help along:there are 2 types of command: fast-repeat command and none-fast-repeat command.the fast-repeat commands are moving cursor, delete characters, etc, where it makes sense to hold down a key and have it repeat. Typically, …

xah rumination extempore. hatred of idiots

i've spent significant part of my life arguing with idiots. Mostly, the hacker type of programer idiots. When in argument, most of the time, i know what they are talking about, they dunno what am talking about. That is the thing.when did this start to happen? i think it's around year 2000. Before that, one could consider i'm a learner. A eager one. Read all the stuff i can get my hands on. Have lots questions. Often frustrated by those who don't know what am asking.after 2000, when i'm master of perl and unix tech, servers, networking stuff, i started to lash out at the hacker idiots. That's when, people started to call me a troll.i introspect a lot. that is to say, to a degree that's considered pathological. (it's one of the characteristics of schizoid personality) So, on this issue, i've considered, to extremes, from whether i'm a idiot, or they are, or, what exactly is happening, why does it happen. Like, a deep analysis, of all facts and fac…

Emacs Lisp: Change Current Word to Wikipedia Link

(defun xhm-word-to-wikipedia-linkify () "Make the current word or text selection into a Wikipedia link. For Example: 「Emacs」 ⇒ 「<a href=\"\">Emacs</a>」" (interactive) (let (linkText bds p0 p1 p2 wikiTerm resultStr) (if (region-active-p) (progn (setq p1 (region-beginning)) (setq p2 (region-end))) (progn (setq p0 (point)) (skip-chars-backward"^ \t\n") (setq p1 (point)) (goto-char p0) (skip-chars-forward"^ \t\n") (setq p2 (point)))) (setq linkText (buffer-substring-no-properties p1 p2)) (setq wikiTerm (replace-regexp-in-string" ""_" linkText)) (setq resultStr (concat"<a href=\"" wikiTerm "\">" linkText "</a>")) (delete-region p1 p2) (insert resultStr)))in Emacs: Xah HTML Modethis and Emacs: …