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new monitor after 6 years

My monitor died this morning. The power won't come on. After some searching, i assume it's old or fried capicator problem. “VIZIO E241i-B1 24-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED HDTV” amazonas emergency measure, asked my roommate to drive me to Walmart and got's really a monitor designed for TV.Vizio turned out to be a US company founded by Chinese in California in 2002, and it's popular for selling TV screens.For me, it's a upgrade. My old served me good 6 years. It was LG L227WTG, 22″, 1680×1050. Not LED. 〔➤ Why I'm Switching from Mac to Windows〕now it's 1920×1080 and 24″ and's got what's called Smart TVfor my record, here's spec VIZIO E241i-B1 monitor/tv Spec Video Screen Size24″ Screen Size (Diag.)23.54″ Backlight TypeRazor LED Resolution1920×1080 (1080p) Effective Refresh Rate60 Hz Aspect Ratio16:9 Viewable Angle (H/V)170°/160° Number of Colors16.7 Million OSD LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French Audi…

rule of conduct of a 4chan philosopher

in hacker discussion, there's one thing i despise the most. If you know something, say it loud, swear, insult, that's all fine. If you don't know something, but insist and put on a air, that is the MOST mfkg despicable in my book.i often post random rants and stuff on computing in social networks. The seriousness of it is made plain in the writing style. When in discussion, you try to put on a air on something that you are idiotic of, be prepared for my wrath. (and btw, usually one has too go out of his way to invoke that. So, you don't need to worry.)also, typically my posts are on programing topics but is not a technical issue that has a straight-forward answer. To illustrate, consider the question “how does y work in lang x”. Vast majority of coders knew this for some x. You and i can goto stackoverflow and get 100% satisfaction. But rather, i usually post subject about, syntax design, semantics, idioms, engineering practice. The discussion quality can be measured t…

twitter spambots talking to themselfs

looks like spam bots mentioning my name are talking to themselfs now, on twitter.Web Spam, Scam, Blackhat SEO Collection

computer language: mixed list & hashtable

these days, some lang has array/list and hashtable mixed into one. It is popularized by php.php started that way probably due to a hack. The lang doesn't have arrays, but what it calls array is a mix of hashtable. When used like array, the keys are automatically filled with 0, 1, 2, etc. 〔➤ PHP: Array Basics〕JavaScript is a different story, but also hack and incompetence. It did NOT intent to have mixed array/hashtable, but rather, in order to be simple, it's array is implemented as hashtable (which is its object), so it pretent to be array. 〔➤ JavaScript: Understanding JavaScript Array〕.nobody liked these, because they are even less than a design decision. The JavaScript here is simply fk'd up.though, i heard lua is also mixed array/hashtable. Anyone know if it's really good?

Google Chrome to Replace Gtk+ with Its Own Aura

old news from 2014-03. Announcement by Elliot Glaysher at!topic/chromium-dev/Zpu9801pPRc. Quote:We aim to launch the Aura graphics stack on Linux in M35. Aura is a cross-platform graphics system, and the Aura frontend will replace the current GTK+ frontend.discussion on reddit

Google Chrome to Kill Plugin

netscape back in 1990s created a plugin API architecture, called NPAPI. That's what allows you to have (Macromedia) Flash, Apple's QuickTime (for video), display MathML, use Java applets, and hundreds of others. Now, Google is killing it, and pulling it out of Google Chrome.This means, no more Java Applets. By the way, the Flash bundled with Google Chrome isn't using NPAPI.Google cites security reasons for killing NPAPI.〔Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI2013-09-23 By Google. @〕some discussion on chromium-dev here:!topic/chromium-dev/xEbgvWE7wMk