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where to download emacs 24.4 for Microsoft Windows

many are asking where to download emacs 24.4 for Microsoft Windows

you can get it here:

http://emacsbinw64.sourceforge.net/ prepared by Chris Zheng

also linked from my site here Which Emacs to Download for Windows and Mac?


Truly Ergonomic Keyboard: new models

Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard-227 2014-10-20
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

there's new model of the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

they are switching from Cherry MX switch to Kailh keyboard switch. Kailh keyboard switch is just Cherry MX clones, made by a company in China. see http://deskthority.net/wiki/Kaihua_PG1511_series. I'm guessing it's not that much different from CHERRY MX.

looks like quite a few keyboards are using the Kailh switch. Supposedly, the Cherry MX has supply problems.

they also have some other minor changes. The ⇧ Shift key is now in conventional position. Ctrl is now at conventional keyboard's Caps Lock position. vim & emacs hackers overjoy! The HYPHEN-MINUS - and LOW LINE _ key are now in the middle, replacing the Tab ↹ there. The Tab ↹ is moved to the upper left corner. And upper right corner has a duplicated ⌫ Backspace key.

Overall, the key layout changes are now more conventional. People really don't wantto change habit. The new layout makes it easier for people to adopt.