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clojure parser instaparse, and excellency of clojure docs

A clojure parser lib, instaparse:, seems to be the topnotch parser. Instaparse is written by Mark Engelberg.It has excellent tutorial too. Clear, to the point.No juvenile unix humor.No puerile perl drivel. 〔➤ Perl Documentation: the Key to Perl〕No verbosity as GNU documentation, ⁖ emacs manual 〔➤ Problems of Emacs's Manual〕No academic mumbo-jumbo, a la Haskell's documentation. 〔➤ Idiocy of Computer Language Docs: Unix, Python, Perl, Haskell〕so far i've seen, clojure community's doc is top-notch. The official documentation is excellent. The lib/build manager Leiningen's documentation is excellent. 〔➤ Clojure Leiningen Tutorial〕And now the instaparse documentation is appears, a language's community pretty much follows the style of its leader. In this case, it's Rich Hickey. You can see Hickey's writings, his documentation style, in several essays titled “Reference Documentation” at…