Emacs Keys: Make Return as Control

Bozhidar Batsov gave a tip about making your Return ↩ key to act as Ctrl, when it is held down with another key.

A Crazy Productivity Boost: Remap Return to Control By Bozhidar Batsov. @ http://emacsredux.com/blog/2013/11/12/a-crazy-productivity-boost-remap-return-to-control/

Note: there are several alternatives that are better.

  • Swap Ctrl and Alt, so the Ctrl is at your thumb position.
  • Remap all emacs keys so that there's no key chords.

The problem, with control on both sides of keyboard is that, sometimes you have a control sequence where the keys are on both sides of keyboard. For example:

C-x C-j         dired-jump
C-x C-l         downcase-region
C-x C-u         upcase-region
C-x C-n         set-goal-column
C-x C-o         delete-blank-lines
C-x C-p         mark-page

If you have control as a thumb key, then it's much easier to do such key combination.

The other suggestion, is just not to use chord keys at all. For detail, see Banish Key Chords.

Here's a list of packages that help you in some way of making emacs keys easier:

But, they all only solves the problem partially and in some hackish ad-hoc way.

For real solution, i recommend 2 things.

① get a good, modern, ergonomic keyboard. See: Best Keyboard for Emacs.

One of those keyboards pretty much solves all your problems, far better than remapping keys.

② In addition, or if you are stuck with laptop keyboard, i recommend the following 3 packages, which systematically change how you work with emacs.

For more about keybinding science, see: Computer Keyboard Layouts & Keybinding, Design & Analysis ⌨

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