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emacs bug: can't paste into emacs

2015-07-04 emacs bug: can't paste into emacsthere's this bug that started to happen about a year ago. Emacs 24, and 25.GNU bug report logs - #16737From: Sujith ManoharanSubject: 24.3.50; Yank causes hangDate: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 09:10:55 +0530Pasting content selected in a browser causes Emacs to hang completely sometimes. This is not consistently reproducible, but it happens after a few hours of usage, sometimes days.from happens to me when i use xah-find-replace-text on few thousand files. 〔➤ Emacs Package: xah-find.el grep/sed in Pure Emacs Lisp〕 not always, but most of the time.the number of files doesn't seem to matter. But what matters is likely the number of replacements.there are 10 or so people wrote in that thread who also have the problem. But, a reproducible step is hard to get.however, there's a reproduction steps described here From: "Alan D. Salewski" To: 16737 @ Subject: Re:…