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Emacs Keys: Make Return as Control

Bozhidar Batsov gave a tip about making your Return ↩ key to act as Ctrl, when it is held down with another key.〔A Crazy Productivity Boost: Remap Return to Control2013-11-12 By Bozhidar Batsov. @〕Note: there are several alternatives that are better.Swap Ctrl and Alt, so the Ctrl is at your thumb position.Remap all emacs keys so that there's no key chords.The problem, with control on both sides of keyboard is that, sometimes you have a control sequence where the keys are on both sides of keyboard. For example:C-x C-j dired-jump C-x C-l downcase-region C-x C-u upcase-region C-x C-n set-goal-column C-x C-o delete-blank-lines C-x C-p mark-pageIf you have control as a thumb key, then it's much easier to do such key combination.The other suggestion, is just not to use chord keys at all. For detail, see Banish Key Chords.Here's a list of packa…