11 Years of Writing About Emacs

Emacs: Save Split Windows Configuration (updated.)

There are about 6 hundred pages of tutorials on this site. About one third are emacs tutotial, half are elisp tutorial and commands or elisp scripts tutorial, and lots articles on keybinding and keyboard and Repetitive Strain Injury, and also commentaries and essays on emacs, emacs community, etc, such as:

emacs M-x donuts 2012-09-15
M-x Donuts 〔➤see Emacs Related Essays

I update them about daily. What's to update? lots of things.

  • code update. Lots of them are enhanced commands, which i use and regulary improve. New features, or fixe bugs.
  • emacs, like every other software, changes. I have to keep up. Command name changes, keys change, packages obsoletion, function obsoletion, new feature to do X. All these happens. For example, lexical scope, CL package, magit keys and commands kept changing, etc.
  • Writing improvement. Correct typo, improve sentence, or change style, structure, or rewrite whole. Yes. Many tutorial pages began life as blog from a decade ago. Blog tends to be chatty and potshot, and tends to become obsolete fast. They need to be professionalized as tutorial proper. Covering lots topics, organization, structured.
  • Website and design issues. Yes, a web site doesn't maintin itself. CSS, JavaScript, changes faster than speed of light today. You have to keep up. And, design of your site, restructure, navigation bars, and code them.

I started to blog about emacs back in 2005. Now, it's 11 years.

xah emacs tutorial 2006 screenshot
here's my emacs tutorial back in 2006 Feb. https://web.archive.org/web/20060221050036/http://xahlee.org/emacs/emacs.html

What Tools Are Used to Build This Site?

emacs, of course. The following i use daily, and are the main tools to create this site:

  • xah-fly-keys.el
  • xah-html-mode.el
  • xah-css-mode.el
  • xah-js-mode.el
  • xah-find.el
  • htmlize.el (for syntax coloring code in html)
  • rsync

and lots of personal emacs commands in my init file.

I basically write it manually, or semi-manually, with lots of help of custom emacs commands. In the very beginning, every html tag is typed manually, char by char. Now, set of tags are inserted by emacs command on demand.

Though, i must say, I think my system is faster, less keystrokes, more flexible, more efficient — in a scientifically verifiable way, than any content management system or publishing system out there. org, markdown, wordpress, jekyll, zen, what-have-you.

(actually, the above is not too surprising. Because, if you know a subject well, deeply customized system is far more efficient than any off-the-shelf system, and also, you have precise control.)

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