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Functional Notation vs Operator, Ultimate Solution

suddenly, am thinking of the ultimate answer to the question of superiority of functional notation vs operator notation once for allthis is because, when i read, John Baez's post here〔Zamolodchikov Tetrahedron Equation2016-03-15 By John Baez. @〕 (also here, more chatty at: )the article title is daunting, and it immediately talks about 4D space and monoidal category and morphism.but, actually just ignore those jargons. look at the image of braids. It says:In other words, we can slide a crossing of two strands under a third strand. In topology this is called the third Reidemeister move, one of three basic ways of changing a picture of a knot without changing the topology of the that's the beauty of math. Because, all those equations and symbols, are used only, and necessarily, to capture this simple concepts in a precise and e…