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sigil for my φvariable ξnames

fret about whether i should continue using funky sigil for my variable names. As in:xd.drawCircle = function (φcontainer, φcenter, φr, φstyle) { varξcir = document.createElementNS("", "circle"); ξcir.setAttribute("cx", φcenter[0]); ξcir.setAttribute("cy", φcenter[1]); ξcir.setAttribute("r", φr); if (φstyle !== undefined) { ( ξcir.setAttribute("style", φstyle)); }; if ( φcontainer === undefined ) { returnξcir; } else { returnφcontainer.appendChild (ξcir); }; };the problem, is people. Other see, it's like the many english spelling reform. It is sound and good, except, the masses, idiots, will not have it, and is doom'd to failure.the reason i want to do it is here: Sigil for Function Parameter Names and Programing Style: Variable Naming: English Words Considered Harmful. but i thought about it more due to the my dilemma of continuing …