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on the question of too many programing libraries

in the past 5 years, there seems to be a exponential growth of programing language libraries.this can especially be seen in JavaScript land.this is different from say 1990s, where, there is usually widely accepted “the best” lib for, there are so many, that usually a programer never heard, the question to me is, what to do about it?i'm the type that tend to know it all, alway keeping a eye on all things. But that has been impossible now, or even, impractical and meaningless.i want to think about this, as to have some kinda conclusion or closure on the situation.if i do nothing, then, libs will just grow without my awareness. This been the case for many years already. It can be likened to not knowning all latest movies, or all latest comic books published, or Japan comics books published in Japan, or say TV shows published in China, or not keeping up with gaming community, new games, etc. There are, thousands, millions, of them, things, you don't know. When you we…