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11 Years of Writing About Emacs

Emacs: Save Split Windows Configuration (updated.)There are about 6 hundred pages of tutorials on this site. About one third are emacs tutotial, half are elisp tutorial and commands or elisp scripts tutorial, and lots articles on keybinding and keyboard and Repetitive Strain Injury, and also commentaries and essays on emacs, emacs community, etc, such as:M-x Donuts 〔➤see Emacs Related Essays〕 I update them about daily. What's to update? lots of things.code update. Lots of them are enhanced commands, which i use and regulary improve. New features, or fixe bugs.emacs, like every other software, changes. I have to keep up. Command name changes, keys change, packages obsoletion, function obsoletion, new feature to do X. All these happens. For example, lexical scope, CL package, magit keys and commands kept changing, etc.Writing improvement. Correct typo, improve sentence, or change style, structure, or rewrite whole. Yes. Many tutorial pages began life as blog from a decade ago. Blog …